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Serious Bad Advertising Example!!

Hello everyone reading this post. This is both an opinion post and a warning.

I clicked on this link – and saw a very cool Star Wars video clip and the following text:

Attention Star War fans Watch the official trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, coming to

Are you ready for a new Generation of Star Wars Fans to see what we grew up with!

I’m a Star Wars fan. I saw this and thought…. “cool! I want to check this out.”

So I gave my precious information and clicked the button that says “Get Instant Access.”

Want to know what came next? This page –

The confirmation email I received was a confirmation for becoming a Worldprofit associate.

********** VERY VERY VERY VERY BAD!!!!!!!!! ***************

This is NOT about Worldprofit. This is about False Advertising!

I don’t know if the administration at Worldprofit know about this advertisement (it is likely from one of their associates). They should know, and they should not NOT be happy.

If you are a marketer I hope you don’t do something this stupid. Yes, I said stupid. This is false advertising in it’s purest form and it could get the Worldprofit business entity in A Lot of trouble.

I saw this and thought I would sound the alarm because this is a bad thing for our industry.

What say you?

Thanks again for reading my blah blah blah ūüôā

Remember, If you Do NOTHING, you Achieve NOTHING Stop making excuses. Start Building your Business.

Fun with Numbers or Where do XP Come From

Math showed in this work is based on information found on CTP Teams Playoffs page as well as individual Teams pages.

Calculations are made using current bonus structure for each team, which provides for not so accurate numbers. For Example Lucky 13 % varied from 8336% – 8613% and are now more than that (I believe that is true for all other teams shown here).

I made this post to address the issue that semi finals and finals were as interesting to watch as watching paint dry. And to address ever lasting argument of surfing v. buying.

I will concentrate only on teams that advanced from 1 round of playoffs.

I assume every team’s goal is to gain as much XP in as short time as possible, so final numbers will be as if battery was on for every member at all times.

Below are the actions that will yield most XP not taking in account ListNerds, Vault’N’Keys and Subs. I will not use promos or ListNerds in these calculations because of their randomness as they give away 50-1000 XP (for ListNerds) and 1000-50,000 XP (for Vault’N’Keys).

Surfing DC = 50+100+250+500+1000 (on badges) 1000+5000+10,000+25,000+50,000 (on Tiers)
=   92,900 XP
Surfing 4 TimTech sites for 100,000 XP badge = 4x(50+100+250+500+1000+100,000)
=  407,600 XP
NerdSurfing (if you are doing 4 TimTechSites at the same Time) 100+250+500+1000+2000
=     3,850 XP

TOTAL                    =    504,350 XP
With Battery            = 1,008,700 XP
Kore4 With Battery = 4,034,800 XP

1. Phoenix           
(Current Bonus = 10,096%) (Members = 18 Kore4,  7 non Kore4) (Total XP won in Playoffs = 889,342,260,428) (8 playing days)

2. Lucky 13
(Current Bonus =  8,816%) (Members = 20 Kore4,  5 non Kore4) (Total XP won in Playoffs = 378,847,555,776) (8 playing days)

3. Uber Surfers
(Current Bonus =  7,614%) (Members = 15 Kore4,  5 non Kore4) (Total XP won in Playoffs = 230,391,475,970) (6 playing days)

4. SurfAholics
(Current Bonus =  9,846%) (Members = 18 Kore4,  7 non Kore4) (Total XP won in Playoffs = 398,870,538,620) (6 playing days)

5. CSN
(Current Bonus = 25,994%) (Members = 16 Kore4,  9 non Kore4) (Total XP won in Playoffs = 185,846,120,497) (4 playing days)

6. Renegades
(Current Bonus =  7,552%) (Members = 16 Kore4,  9 non Kore4) (Total XP won in Playoffs = 241,567,622,744) (4 playing days)

7. WealthBuilders
(Current Bonus =  4,580%) (Members = 11 Kore4, 11 non Kore4) (Total XP won in Playoffs =  97,325,759,529) (4 playing days)

8. In to Win
(Current Bonus =  5,408%) (Members =  9 Kore4, 11 non Kore4) (Total XP won in Playoffs = 106,583,460,990) (4 playing days)

I will assume every member in each team did all the actions listed above on each playing day.
I will assume 25% of total XP won was won by Spinning the wheels, doing Vault’N’Keys, Subs, Eggs of XP)
You decide on which side of equation to put TimTech Rewards Points as they can be accumulated previously as well as gotten during the Playoffs.
I will round up or down every bonus to the closest round number,

From this point on all numbers except Total XP won in Playoffs are just an estimate tho I believe I’m not too much off.

Team Phoenix:

Based on their bonuses 1 XP earned equals to 101.96 XP (102XP)

7 non Kore4 members earned 5,761,694,400 XP in 8 days. 18 Kore4 members earned 59,263,142,400 XP in 8 days which totals 65,024,836,800 XP earned while surfing DC and TT websites. 222,335,565,107 XP was won doing other actions (25% as described above). 287,360,401,907 XP was earned “in surf”.

611,981,858,521 Phoenix earned with ListViral / giveaway XP

Team Lucky 13:

Based on their bonuses 1 XP earned equals to 89.16 (89 XP)

5 non Kore4 members earned 3,590,972,000 in 8 days. 20 Kore4 members earned 57,455,552,000 in 8 days, total being 61,046,524,000. 94,711,888,944 XP was earned doing other actions. Lucky 13 earned 155,758,412,944 “in surf”.

223,089,142,832  Р  Lucky 13 earned with ListViral / giveaway XP

Team Uber Surfers:

Based on their bonuses 1 XP earned equals to 77.14 (77 XP)

5 non Kore4 members earned 2,330,097,000 in 6 days. 15 Kore4 members earned 27,961,164,000 in 6 days for a total of 30,291,261,000 in 6 days. For other actions they earned 57,597,868,993. Ubers earned 87,889,129,933 “in surf”. (these numbers may be off as I’m not sure if Ubers had full team of 25 during the playoffs).

– 87,889,129,933
142,502,346,037¬† –¬† Ubers earned with ListViral / giveaway XP

Team SurfAholics Alpha:

Based on their bonuses 1 XP earned equals to 99.46 (99 XP)

In 6 days 7 non Kore 4 members earned 4,194,174,600. 18 Kore4 members earned 43,140,081,600 total being 47,334,256,200. For other actions they earned 99,717,634,655. SAAs earned 147,051,890,855 XP “in surf”.

251,818,647,765¬† –¬† SAAs earned with ListViral / giveaway XP

Team CSN:

Based on their bonuses 1 XP earned equals to 260.44 (260 XP)

In 4 days 9 non Kore 4 members earned for team CSN 9,441,432,000 XP. 16 Kore4 members earned 67,139,072,000 XP. Total being 76,580,504,000. For other actions 46,461,530,124 XP. Team CSN earned 123,042,034,124 “in surf”.

62,804,086,373  Р  CSN earned with List viral / giveaway XP

Team Renegades:

Based on their bonuses 1 XP earned equals to 76.52 (77XP)

9 Kore4 members earned 2,796,116,400 XP in 4 days. 19,883,494,400 was earned by Kore 4 members for Renegades. 22,679,610,800 XP total. 60,391,905,686 XP was earned performing other actions. “In surf” total being 63,188,022,086 XP.

– 63,188,022,086
178,379,600,658¬† –¬† Renegades earned with List Viral / giveaway XP


Based on their bonuses 1XP earned equals 46.8 (47 XP)

11 non Kore4 members got 2,085,991,600 XP in 4 days. 11 Kore4’s earned during same period 8,343,966,400, for a total of 10,429,958,000 XP. Performing other actions they earned 24,331,439,882. “In surf” they earned 34,761,397,882 XP

– 34,761,397,882
62,564,361,646¬† –¬† WealthBuilders earned with ListViral / giveaway XP

In To Win:

Based on their bonuses 1XP equals to 55.08 (55 XP)

11 non Kore4 members earned 2,441,054,000 XP in 4 days. At the same time 9 Kore4 members earned 7,988,904,000 XP for a total of 10,429,958,000. Fpr other actions they earned 26,645,865,248 XP. In to Win won 37,075,823,248 XP “in surf”.

69,507,637,743  Р  In to Win earned with ListViral / giveaway XP

Surfing < Resourcefulness


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