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Sunshine :)

Hello, everyone! I suppose it’s my turn to introduce myself :).

My name is Elina Balashova, Sunshine 🙂 Why Sunshine? Elina means ray of light in Greek. Pat remade it into the Sunshine, and I noticed already before that some people were calling me sunshine when I’m in a very good mood. But yes, with Pat it became very stable, that is why if you see online a team named SunshineClickers (at 1MS, SX, Legacy, Ninja, SAS, LegacyTeamCoop, etc.), it’s pretty sure mine :).

About myself a bit. I was born and raised in Estonia, one small Baltic country with Finland as a neighbor on one side and Russia on another. When I was born, Estonia was still one of the Soviet Union republics, but in the beginning of the 90-s we became independent.

Estonia is quite small and not very rich in some minerals and stuff, so I think we are mostly known as the IT-country with WiFi almost everywhere available and Internet speed and the access to the internet itself very good. So, when some tourists come to visit Estonia, they are all overwhelmed by everything available and done over the internet: banking, paying, ordering, even voting is all online. I think it’s pretty cool that Estonians were in a Skype development team, that gadget is helping lots of people around the world 🙂

Ok, got away from the theme LOL. I am always somewhere in between and I suppose that is why I am mostly very tolerant to different things. I have a bilingual family, mom Estonian, dad Russian. I studied in Russian school and Estonian University, so everything is mixed up in many ways, languages, culture… I have a diploma of the teacher of Estonian as the second language. Gave some classes, but right after the graduation I was invited to work at the university to one of the administrative positions. At first I thought in the ideal would be great to be 50% administrative and 50% teaching, but administrative part grew and grew and didn’t leave time for anything else. My university “epoch” ended in February 2014 after I moved, but that’s a different story :).

A few years ago, I was very bored at home and suddenly found myself looking at online earning options. Of course it was all very bizarre and information was all over the place. So, of course, I joined some silly sites that I forgot about in a few weeks. And yes-yes, of course joined stupid things a’la 10-dollar-clicks or however they were called. Later joined one ptp with chat and at that time not many sites had chat, so it was very nice to meet different people and talk to them day after day. That became very addictive. On one of those days I met Pat, who as a joke said that no one ever sends him mails. As a joke, I did 🙂 We started talking, more and more every day. And even when I was absolutely 100% sure that online relationships never work and all those stories are fiction and fairy tales, we couldn’t stop. So, one time when I had working trip with transfer through Holland, we decided to meet at the airport. Even if he turns out to be a perv, he won’t harm me at the airport, I thought :). We met, and it was sure that we will find ways to see each other again :). To make a long story short, in March 2014, I left everything behind and moved to Holland to Pat :). I still think that having a relationship from meeting someone online is very rare, so, kids, don’t do that! hahaha

Ok, what about online work? Well, seriously it started with CTP. I signed up, looked at it, didn’t understand a thing and left. After some months, when one of the badges came along on one of the TE-s I was surfing at, I started looking up CTP again to find out what is that all about. And that’s pretty much it! Hooked up! Started collecting, playing, meeting other people, signing up, signing up, and yes, signing up at more and more TE-s.

What am I proud of online? Winning CTP badge hunt 3 times. Two times shared winnings and the 3rd time won it alone. That 3rd hunt was a disaster in all ways 🙂 It was difficult, it was in a totally bad time (I was finishing everything at work, packing at home, getting ready to move to a totally different country). So, that win means the most to me. Very tough physically and emotionally. But I wanted to do it. Not sure I will ever be able to repeat it though 🙂 And luckily, Pat supported me by all means and especially by telling me I CAN do it and shouldn’t stop half way. I think any other man would break-up and send me to live with CTP, so I’m a very lucky gal 🙂

What am I doing now? Having my tiny site where I’m describing some earning options. Daily promo codes are popular there and hopefully help some surfers to save time from searching codes from different e-mails.

Also, participating in CTP team challenges (go go go Lucky13!) and doing some other programs like 1MS, CSN, TERL etc etc.

I think this story became way too long, so we can continue somewhere online 🙂

Hi there! It’s Lynn again (I bet you’ve never heard that before, huh surfers?!!). It seems my turn at the blog has come back around, so here I am!

The traffic exchange industry, as well as the Internet itself of course, is such a vast and totally global community. You’ll find traffic exchange surfers and owners from most, if not all, of the countries in the world these days.

And so it also is with our Lucky 13 team, a global community as well. Once the team formed and started coming together and communicating regularly, I grew to admire what a truly global community our team is.

While the team is primarily (about half or more) made up of Americans, the rest are from many different areas of the world. We have at least one team member each in countries such as Scotland, Portugal, Serbia, and India, and two of our team members live in Sweden.

Another team member is a transplant from Estonia now living in the Netherlands. We also have yet another American on the team who has been living in Germany for some time, and teaches English as a Second Language.

There are four members of our team of whom I’m not quite sure where they live, though I expect two of the four are probably also Americans. Our team has collectively been very communicative and active from the start, whether in our team Skype room or our Team Chat within CTP, so I hope those folks will eventually start participating too and I can get to know those other four folks as I have (or already did, in many cases) the rest of the team.

And speaking of being active and communicating, the whole people-’round-the-globe thing really has had a hand in assuring that our team chats are basically ongoing and 24/7 around the clock! There’s someone from the team around at pretty much any time of day… although admittedly part of that is because some of us are night owls, and then there’s some extraordinarily early risers too.

So once again, when we say the Lucky 13 team is “the team that never sleeps” – it’s totally true! Someone on the team is almost certain to be awake, and hanging around our team chats, no matter what time it is.

Oddly enough, unless any of the four people I’m not quite sure where they live are up there, we don’t seem to have any Canadians on the Lucky 13 team. I’m not quite sure how that happened since there’s plenty of people from the land of maple leaves, poutaine and hockey around and about in TE Land.

Even the team leaders of our biggest current rival teams, the SurfAholics and the Crazy Cats, are both Canadians (and TimTech itself is these days leanings toward being rather overwhelmingly Canadian, of course).

Perhaps that will serve us on the Lucky 13 team especially well later in the year, when the harsh Canadian winter weather descends upon the Great White North again. I bet it gets a bit chilly indoors and is hard to click a mouse much sometimes when it’s in double digits below zero outside and your teeth are chattering, eh?

Lucky 13 Strategy Secrets – Revealed!

As you probably know CTP announced the competition schedule for the season 2014/2015 and disclosed prizes for the first month. I believe it’s great time to discuss some strategy.

If you have read Patrick’s post on Team SurfAholics strategies, you might have noticed that Patrick heavily censored his post leaving virtually nothing of value in it.

Now, I won’t do that. In fact what I will do is

Disclose the most important strategy of our team!

I hope my teammates won’t be cross at me for divulging this sensitive information.

But before I give you the info I also want to give you an important advice:

“If you intend to win, you must not lose!” – The Number one*

And now for the thing you have been waiting for! In this short video you will get to see the most important Team Lucky 13 strategy!

Unlike the Gumball Rally, I believe there will be no licenses taken for speeding, vehicles confiscated nor Macedonians killed.**


* If you wonder who The Number One is,find more info on Wikipedia.

** Gumball 3000

Till next time,

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