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Epoch Gone By… or DeChuck’s Story

I was born in Belgrade on 195249900000 Epoch Time. The year of Cray-1 first commercial supercomputer, Innsbruck winter and Montreal summer Olympics.

I have been drawing since I could pick up a pencil, haven’t stopped since. I love animation, painting, comic books.

Grew up watching Filmation Cartoons and I dream of digitally remastered collection. My favorite comic book authors are Hugo Pratt, Lee Falk, Andrija Maurović and Branislav Kerac.

I put Don Bluth before Disney, Renoir before other Impressionists, Leonardo before Michelangelo and Van Gogh and Cezanne before all other.

I consider M*A*S*H the best TV show ever. As for other TV shows, besides Filmations ‘toons, I grew up on British humor. ‘Alo ‘Alo and Only Fools and Horses being my favorites (in that order).

I have used computers since 1985. Commodore 64 being the first (thanks mister Tramiel). I still got it and occasionally enjoy Manic Miner, Blue Thunder, Creatures I & II and other C64 classics. My first PC was 386-SX. I still miss Lucas Arts Adventure games department, but consider Tell Tale Games good successor.

I’ve been online since late 2000. In the online world I’m known as DeChuck (but that’s another story).

I believe that in a world without walls and fences, you don’t need windows and gates. Proud Slacker since 2003 and version 9.0. I use and advocate Free and Open Source software.

I’ve stumbled upon the TE land in the late 2012. searching for a way to monetize web-proxies I run. Joined CTP a year later. Kore4 and Lucky13 Team member since day one.

Hairdresser by vocation, geek by choice.

That is in short my five W. And How? That’s what’s this blog all about. Read on!

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Lucky 13 Rocks the House!

Hey hey!  Lookit what we have right here.  A brand new blog and website.

As I write this, it’s been less than 12 hours since the idea first surfaced in the Lucky 13 Skype Room. Sunny Suggs and Rhonda Pizor just took off.  In less time than you would believe possible they had a website designed and running.  Amazing stuff.

That is what you can expect from Lucky 13.  Action.  And grinding attention to detail.  The Lucky 13 is coming for you, and you can’t get away.  We aren’t here to play, we are here to win.

And we have a CTP badge.  The only way you can get it is to subscribe to this blog.  Which will let you meet ALL the Lucky 13 members!  Subscription form is just over here   =====>>>>>.

So.  I have my orders.  “Introduce yourself and keep the trash talking to a minimum”  Having been a baseball player, I’ll take a .500 batting average every day.

My name is Tom Wacker.  It’s pronounced Walker, just like the Texas Ranger. I’m 60 something and live in lovely Yuma, Arizona, USA.  It’s about 20 miles from Mexico and less than that from California. I’m not sure which is more foreign to me….

I ride a motorcycle.  In fact, right now, I don’t have a running 4 wheel vehicle. I work so that I can ride and ride so I can work.  Simple stuff, really.

I have a blog at and also fortunate enough to own, a website dedicated to the care and feeding of

I really look forward to the evolution of CTPTeams and the Lucky 13.  What a great opportunity for us all!

I’m going to do a favor for you all as I close.  I’ll save you several hundred pages of reading. Hemmingway asked “For Whom the Bell Tolls”?  It tolls for YOU!

I’m just sayin’

Yes! We have a blog!

Hello!  And a very warm welcome to our blog!

We are Team Lucky 13 – and of COURSE we have a blog!

We’re not just surfers, we’re ACTION TAKERS!

You’ll be hearing from our members from time to time – trash talk, praises and gossip!

The fantastic graphics were made by team Member Rhonda Pizor of course!

I just realized there’s an exclaimation point after every sentence so far!

Well, I’m Sunny Suggs – I’ve been around the TE world for a few years now.  I’ve just opened a traffic exchange – Click Your Face Off!  Not only can you surf Click Your Face Off for the occasional bomb or Key ‘n Vault…  I give away dollars every day!

I have a hubby (you may have seen him in the top hat on the Click It video (he’s such a dork)), a cat named Dax, and 2 dogs, Daisy and Dexter.  No kids (thank goodness) and I live in the great state of Texas!  I was about to tell you how awesome my dogs are – but Dexter just showed me his lovely artwork with the torn up trash in the backyard.  He’s a perfectionist, ya know.

If you ever need anything, have any questions about TEs or blogs, you can reach me on skype at sunny.todd1

I hope you enjoy our blog, and know…  we’re gonna kick some KORE4 butt!

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