Greeting from Stephen Whittle (and Ebe-Stephen Scrooge). We’ll get to the title in a sec….

Born and bred in Jacksonville, FL (and still here), I endured 20+ years in Corporate America and after multiple experiences of having jobs and even entire departments phased out, I decided enough was enough. I made the decision to start working for myself in 2007. I started out working for Herbalife where I learned the ropes of being working for myself. One of the first things I learned is that I will never know everything there is to know. Continuous Improvement is something that needs to happen every day.

After a few stops additional along the way, I signed up for SFI last September (9/11/13). I have built up a team of over 500 people by being willing to do work every day and follow instructions every day. I included “every day” for emphasis because if you are one of those “tire kickers” where you think you can sign up and think that SFI will throw money at you, don’t bother working for yourself because you have the wrong mindset for entrepreneurship.

Time to get my shameless plug out of the way. If you want to look into SFI (no cost!) you can sign up using my team rotator here. You’ll get either me or one of my team members as your sponsor. I do this because I LOVE MY TEAM!

OK, back to the title. In 2009, I was working for Worldprofit (yes, I was one of those monitors that you see on the videos — good experience, but boy I was nervous doing that). That is where I was introduced to the traffic exchange industry as TE’s are one of the advertising tools that Worldprofit folks use to advertise. I tried to be creative with my advertising, such as my CTP Friends splash page series where I had 50 people on a page to advertise CTP and thank them for being my CTP friend. That was followed by my popular “Real TE’s of Genius” series of squeeze pages. which came about thanks to a conversation that occurred in TE Live Yet another advertising tool I came up with was Ebe-Stephen Scrooge.

Ebe-Stephen, my alter ego, is comparable to Jeff Dunham’s puppet “Walter”. He is an old grumpy man who just doesn’t like people. In Ebe-Stephen’s case, he especially hates Christmas (makes sense, considering his name). In addition to his infamous videos, he likes to cause trouble for me by doing things such as getting the “Stephen Sucks” CTP badge. I managed to get a measure of revenge by naming my team on Shockwave Traffic “Ebe-Stephen Sucks”. My thanks to those of you who joined that team.

Ebe-Stephen asks that If you want the “Stephen Sucks” badge (claimed by close to 750 people so far), go to the link below. What he doesn’t know is that the Stephen badge is there too (claimed by close to 850 people so far). NOTE: The badges can only be claimed one time each.

Follow me (swhomebiz) and Ebe-Stephen (ebestephen) on Twitter!

Public Service Announcement: There is more to Twitter then sending tweets from sites like Sweeva and Shockwave-Traffic. Use Twitter to have a conversation. If you’re confused, here’s an example. Send this in Twitter:

@swhomebiz Hi Stephen! Ebe-Stephen sucks!

I promise you will see a tweet from me soon. Don’t be surprised if Ebe-Stephen sends one too.

Since Ebe-Stephen and I were both sick a lot of last December, don’t be surprised if he causes trouble earlier in 2014 then usual.

So…..who sucks more? Stephen or Ebe-Stephen? As the title says….the debate rages on…..