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Want Better Results? Promote Outside The Box!

Something I’ve been thinking a lot about this week while surfing: I’m hoping to soon start seeing a little less promotion by surfers of Kore4 in the TimTech traffic exchanges, and also less in other traffic exchanges that are closely related (due to doing regular CTP Teams Daily Challenges, Vault ‘n Keys, and such).

Here’s why: If it’s a TimTech traffic exchange, then the overwhelming majority of surfers already know about Kore4… so if you’re spending the majority of your time and credits promoting Kore4 in the TimTech exchanges, for the most part you’re wasting your efforts and your credits.

You’re just not likely to get a whole lot of new signups where Kore4 and CTP are already extremely well known and being highly promoted. Same goes for many of TEs that frequently participate in CTP-related activities, although the probability of signups is a bit higher.

Sure, it’s not a total waste to promote Kore4 in the TimTech TEs, and the TimTech traffic exchanges DO draw new surfers regularly – but your largest efforts towards Kore4 are most likely better spent elsewhere outside of TimTech. Even Jon Olson himself has said so several times recently.

Think about it. If it’s a TimTech exchange, then more than likely most of the folks surfing are already CTP members and are already very well aware of Kore4, if not already Kore4 members themselves. The chances of you getting a Kore4 signup at a TimTech exchange have, while not impossible, a pretty low chance of happening. Same with other closely CTP-related TEs, though maybe a bit better chance.

You are seeing tons of Kore4 pages every time you surf for your CTP Teams team, right? If everyone’s promoting the same thing in the same places, then your results promoting in the same places won’t likely be too great. You’re better off thinking outside the box and expending the majority of your efforts in places where most everyone else is not promoting it.

Again, that’s not to say don’t promote Kore4 and CTP in the TimTech exchanges or regularly CTP featured traffic exchanges AT ALL – nope, of course not. Sure, there are new surfers in the TimTech and other TEs daily!

Still, keep in mind that the majority of your audience there are already going to be members of CTP, and quite probably already members of Kore4 too.

So sure, promote some in those TEs if you like – but realize you will have a much higher chance of getting new signups for CTP and/or Kore4 at other traffic exchanges that DON’T have a big relationship with ClickTrackProfit, especially those TEs that tend to draw a whole lot of new people.

Some of my favorite non-TimTech and non-KRM TE “newbie pools” over the years have included TrafficG, Click Voyager, HitLink, and of course the old tried-and-true behemoth and newbie magnet EasyHits4U. TrafficG and EasyHits4U have always been real good for results with new signups.

Using the Legacy Team Co-Op will also get you a lot of hits outside of the “usual” CTP TEs, plus the added benefits of getting your ads seen in places where you don’t want to surf or are not even a member of yourself.

Another route you should perhaps consider is promoting CTP and Kore4 outside of traffic exchanges altogether as much as you can, especially in things like safelists, viral mailers and viral list builders. Darren Olander’s programs have generally always gotten me the best results in those for anything by far, especially in his program Build My Downlines. Two of his others, Adchiever and List Jumper, have always been great for me as well.

Along the same lines, Viral Commissions has been one of my favorite programs to use for such things of late. The membership is very responsive, it’s very easy to get a solo ad that goes out to the entire membership there, and I’ve gotten some very good results.

And Viral Commissions is also a program that is closely related to some traffic exchanges, but ones outside the TimTech/CTP realm – there’s your nugget! (It also pays out instant commissions – bonus! – and I was introduced to it by one of my own Lucky 13 fellow team members, veteran surfer, TE owner and super nice guy Tony Tezak.)

I don’t generally promote a lot in PTCs these days, but LinkGrand and WordLinx don’t seem to get used as often by the traffic exchange community at large and thus makes them good for Kore4 promotion too. LinkGrand in particular is extremely inexpensive and has a great added benefit in that your link stays in public view for far longer than it has click credit.

Maybe I’ve given up a few too many of my own promotional secrets here, but I just wanted to throw all that out there to hopefully give some folks some help (and in fact have been privately asked about the same type stuff recently by one of my own Kore4 downline members).

After seeing so very terribly much Kore4 promotion by TimTech TE surfers in TimTech traffic exchanges, I really just felt the issue could stand to be addressed.

So take all or some of the above under consideration, and get your promotions out there and outside of and away from where hundreds of people are already promoting the same thing, and you’ll likely see much better results! Good luck!

Have a great weekend everyone… and Go Team Lucky 13! 🙂



Sunny Fired Me!

Dedicated to Sunny (Donald Trump has nothing on her)

On Tuesday, Sunny fired me! Why, you ask? Here’s the scoop…

I was surfing one of the sites for the team challenge (which one doesn’t matter) and I eventually realized that somewhere along the way, I had missed one of the keys. I put a note in the TE Live Skype room because (at the time) I wasn’t sure if it was human error or if there was a system glitch.

Sunny responded with: “[3:00:58 PM] Sunny Suggs: omg, Stephen, yer fired.”

I was shocked! Of course, she was kidding, but I played along with it for awhile. It wasn’t until a bit later when we discovered another user had the exact same issue that I did. As a result, we knew it wasn’t a “Stephen” error. It was at that point when Sunny tried to “re-hire” me. I told her OK but I wanted a raise.

Still awaiting a response….(LOL)

Such is life when you’re having fun doing your daily challenges with your teammates. Don’t isolate yourself. Chat with your teammates either in Skype or (better yet) on the TE itself if it has chat. There is nothing more boring then surfing all by yourself and feeling like a zombie. Daily challenges go faster for me when I do that.

Now, its your turn….let your teammates help make the daily challenges fun! If you’re not on a CTP team, join one and discover how CTP teams can help you promote you and your business!

This is Dedicated to …


Team Lucky 13

I had a few request to tell you about my life offline.

I live in the Country.

Lived here for 39 years.

Have lived in the same house that my husband and I built together.

We are a Chicken Farm.  I have 21 laying hens. They are free range with a little cracked corn, wheat, and oats mixed together. This past winter they even got oatmeal for breakfast to help keep them warm.

You remember the song by John Denver… Life on the Farm is Kinda Layback?

NOT…   This 5 acres is very hard for this single woman to take care of.  You have to do chores everyday or you fall behind. Miss mowing the grass on the third day and you have a hay field.  I know we have all been there before.

Gary and I started our chicken farm about 4 years ago as a therapy for the both of us.  It kept him connected to his live long dreams, Farming, and I was able to take care of thing as well.

Therapy you say? Well, Gary had Ms, I was his sole caregiver and we both needed an out once in awhile. Going out and talking to the chickens and caring for them was my way to relax from Work and Care giving.

I also had Ducks for awhile. There’s a noisy bunch.   Quack, Quack, Quack every time you came near.  Funny… OH MY  the things they would do. Heads bobbing to each other in conversation, quacking away,just hilarious.

This last March I tried something new to me and hatched my own chicks.  That was the most thrilling thing I have seen in a long time.  I had 7 out of 9 eggs that hatched over a 4 day period.  Had to keep an eye on them 24/7.  As of today they are healthy and about to become my newest layers.  So Excited.


My online life starts at 7am and my offline life starts at 8am. Together they keep me busy throughout the day.


Right after the Legacy Spreecast we all go to bed. Well they go to bed and I hit the shower and then come surf a little.  Never a dull moment here.


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