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What is your Passion?

If you are long enough in the waters of Internet Marketing, MLM, Traffic Exchange industry and the like, you’ve probally came across the question “What is your Why?” a million times and read as much answers. The problem with that question is that, no matter what your perspective is, no matter what the angle you look at the question is, it boils down to one aswer “I want to make X amount of money”.

It is the most obvious answer there is, and because we (usually) don’t want to think much about our “Why” it’s the one we most often give out when faced with that question.

But today I want to ask you a different kind of question:

What is your Passion?

We all are born with a Talent and a Passion (yes both capital letters) usually tied to that Talent. My Passion is visual arts, every kind you can think of, drawing, painting, comics, movies… everything. My particular talent is drawing, I draw whenever and wherever I get the chance.

It’s all about the Passion!

Look at CTP. What differentiates it from other gamified opportunities? They were the first to gamify the business? Maybe. But it’s not that. They are everywhere? Maybe. Not that either. What then?

It is all about the Passion!

Look at Jon’s spreecasts, it’s Passion and it’s contagious! Look at Patrick’s blogs they emanate Passion and it’s contagious!

It’s all about the Passion!

Look at our Team Leader’s blog and TrackeryMe. It’s Passion and it’s contagious!
Look at Sunny’s CYFO video. It’s Passion and it’s contagious!
Look at Rhonda’s Make My Splash, an amazing talent, great artist, with unique signature. It’s Passion and it’s contagious!

What IS YOUR Passion!

Find it! Show it! And the people will flock to you!

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”
― Confucius

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Good Monday, 6-23

Good Monday! Another start to another week with the Lucky 13 firmly in the Premier League. 7 consecutive weeks for those keeping track.

I have been somewhat out of the loop this last week. Several travel days and more days with extreme family obligations have made me less than fully available. Not that my engagement or my passion cooled in the slightest, but with limited availability.

What does it mean? Not a thing. A few less XP from me personally, but in the overall context of the team, we are sturdy and strong. Why? Because the Lucky 13 is a team full of action takers and leaders that will pick up the slack for any member that needs a hand. We are a team of dedicated individuals that are, every one, committed to the team. No one member or person is essential, but all members are essential. That IS the Lucky 13.

So get ready, CTP teams. The Lucky 13 is in for the duration, we know that, and you better. The long drag of a long season is about to begin. I like our chances, more than just a little. We have been here since the beginning, we will be here ‘til the end. And every day in between.

Man, am I proud to be a member of this team.

Perception VS Reality…

Was trying to think of a blog post to write this week, as it is my turn.  I look at all the teams participating in CTPTeams and I think, what are their game plans, what do they do in order to gain XP each week.  what are their habits, what are their goals?  I look at our team, and since I am privy to what goes on, interacting with the other members I understand the goals we have set out for ourselves.  whether it be surfing 200,000 pages a day (yeah right not this guy) or just trying to get some vaults, surf the Daily Challenge, or maybe even purchase some XP.  We all have a schedule that we try to stick to, we all have a perception of what the other teams are doing or not doing, and I realize, that maybe our perception of what the others are doing is all wrong.  What if we don’t know, and the leaders of other teams have found some secret we have yet to discover in order for us to get over that hump and start leading this thing and finishing first place on a consistent basis as we all know we are capable of doing. 

Truth is, without being on that particular team, we have no idea.  Oh sure we can see what they accomplish in regards to either surfing goals or Kore 4 upgrades (5 in one 24 hour period?  seriously??) but we don’t know how the leader of each team is directing the other members.  could it be a free for all, could it be a specific goal for each member of the team.  Our perception of what they may or may not be doing is probably far from the reality of the situation.  the lesson learned here is not to worry what they are doing, its to focus on what WE are doing and let the chips fall where they may. 

WE cant control the other teams, we can only hope to catch them and overtake them with the habits and goals that we have chosen for ourselves.  With my busy offline work schedule I have to be realistic with my goals on a daily basis.  I know I wont be able to surf the 1000 pages needed to complete the Daily Challenge, so I set a realistic goal for myself as to what I can achieve before having to leave for work in the morning.  I wish I could do more, and on my days off I certainly do, but I am limited because of that schedule. (real life gets in the way)

So to sum up, what you perceive is happening on other teams is definitely not the reality, The reality is what are you going to do today to help the team, make us better, and allow us to reach our goal of being #1.  We have fun, we get along with each other , and what’s more important we have a team full of LEADERS, not just followers.  Tom is our team leader, but the members on this team is full of people that have been leading in this business for a long, long time, and they have stepped up to help, advise, and encourage those that may be having a difficult time of it.  THAT’S why I love being on this team, the faces, the leaders, and the intelligence and foresight of Tom to put us all together.

Team Lucky13… the team that never sleeps….it was either here… or jail

Scott “The Sports Nerd” Wright

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