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It’s a mad mad mad TE world :)

Is surfing work for you or fun or maybe relaxation? I’m sure it’s quite a mix of all of that. Mixed feelings about it I’ve seen from TE owners also. Ones are stating that it IS work and that is why they are paying their members. Others say with an obvious sarcasm, Who do they (=members) think we are, their bosses or something?? That is probably why TE-s are so different from one another.


For me gamified TE-s work the best. I can play while promoting my links, can communicate with my online friends along the way, and if I can earn by doing so, it’s a great bonus. That is why CTP community is growing bigger every single day. You have to be very far from online biz if you haven’t noticed how wisely has CTP staff made their members surf non-stop for over a month now 🙂 We are chasing XP now, who would have believed that a month ago? XP, what is that? It’s not cash, not even credits, and we all want them! But of course, while hunting for XP, we get lots of exposure to our links, so we’re not working for nothing.


But, of course, as there are so many TE-s around, and they come and go on daily basis, it’s important not to “waste your time” on the ones that are concentrated only on the owners profit. We have seen those around, who promise you sustainability and then disappear as fast as they got some cash from the upgrades. Happens, nothing to do about it. The only advice is to stay in touch with each other, there is always someone who knows the background of TE-s and can suggest you whether there is a point to expect something from it or not 🙂


Another great TE that I never tire talking about is 1ModernSolution. I still don’t understand why isn’t it flooded with members. 1MS has everything you might want: manual surf, solo ads, adgrid, PTC ads, teamsurf, surfing against oponent, badges, icon collections, trophies, great branding options. But the most important thing for me, and that is why I really respect the owners DA and John for, is the integrity with which guys work. They never spam you, every time they want to talk about a site, they have your links in mails. They put their members first instead of the ability of building their own huge downlines. That is something that I haven’t seen on other sites yet. I don’t mind when TE owners bribe you for signing up, but I can’t respect when they add their own links into promotion even when you actually paid for showing yours LOL. By the way, my team SunshineClickers is looking for die-hard surfers ;).


Keep in touch,


Take Time To Make Time

In this little corner of the Interwebs we’re all in called TE Land, it’s all too easy sometimes to lose focus. At best, you find yourself a couple of days behind and chasing your tail to get things done.

In the worst case scenario, you wind up totally disorganized with all your “stuff” spinning out of control. Well, maybe that’s not really the very worst, but you get what I mean.

Add something like CTP Teams to the mix, and then it can get even easier to lose focus and/or fall behind sometimes. Like, you already had all this stuff to do every day… now you have all this other stuff you wanna do every day?

When you have more and more to do, and more you want to do, you have to find a balance somewhere and not lose focus on your business efforts. Somehow, some way, you’ve got to find that balance.

Now, me, I tend to work in a state of disorganized chaos with a full plate anyway most of the time, even before CTP Teams ever existed – and maybe that’s really how I work best anyway. When I don’t have a lot to do or think about, that always seems like when I get the least amount of stuff done.

I generally take things day by day, since several days a week I have different commitments than others. Depending on what day it is, I either get “work-work” done first thing and “play/social-work” done, like the Daily Challenges for CTP Teams, done as I can after the rest is done. On other days, I might switch the order up a bit.

One thing I always make sure that I do – even if I don’t have a lot of time for anything much on a particular day other than the “must-do’s” – is make sure I do at least one important thing for my business every day, if not more than one. But always at least one, and always one thing that’s aside from, and additional to, the routine of daily things I pretty much have to do daily.

I’d highly recommend anyone make a point of doing that – at least one thing for your business every day aside from your routine duties. It could be something as simple as making a new splash page or a new squeeze page for your business, or any number of other things – the possibilities are virtually endless.

And even if you’re just a “little guy” – those one-thing-a-day things will add up, and at the end of the month you will have done thirty or so things for your business that might not have gotten done otherwise!

So take some time to make time for things like that – but take time to have fun and relax too, because those things are important as well.

Now, how do you manage all that – the one thing for your business every day, plus fun and relaxation – when you’ve got all the other to-do’s that have to be done every day???

That’s the big mystery, and it’s different for everyone, no doubt. And some have to work at finding the balance and keeping their focus every single day – I still do, many days.

But keeping your eye on maintaining focus and finding a balance – and especially making a point of doing that one thing a day outside your routine – will get you further than you were the day before, or the day before that – even if you don’t quite succeed every single day.

Focus and find a balance – or at least keep hacking away at it – the rest will eventually fall into place one way or another, sometimes in the most surprising ways.

Do we have the “right.”

Sometimes we have to learn to look at things from the proper perspective if we expect to have a relative degree of success in our lives. That is true regarding personal matters and also in business.

For some strange reason many people in the Internet Marketing Industry feel that they have the “right” to profit online – no matter what they decide to market or how they decide to market it. Then there are those folks who feel that they have the “right” to condemn or put down what others are doing to profit online. Nothing can be further from the truth.

When we are fortunate enough to have freedom of speech and freedom of choice it is important that we exercise these freedoms wisely and responsibly. That means using common sense and logical thinking in considering the wisdom of the choices that we make. If we make good choices, good for us and hopefully we can continue to make more. If we make bad choices, hopefully we can learn from our mistakes and move on, trying not to make the same or similar mistake again.

While Internet Marketing gives us the opportunity to start a business or to do business online on a “pizza budget,” that does not mean we have the “right” to profit from any and every piece of crap that is being pushed online today. People seem to really be drawn to all of this “get rich quick with little effort” bull crap that is unfortunately so prevalent on the internet today. Then they want to blame God and the world when they fail.

There are some who have done and are continuing to do an outstanding job when it comes to turning an honest profit online. Instead of being applauded and even emulated they are sometimes criticized by those that fell they have the “right” to to rain on their parade. These cry baby critics say things like “they are just trying to get rich off of others,” or “they had a ton of money to invest – that’s why they are doing so well.”

Aren’t we all in this industry to make money? The question is how we go about doing that. Does what we are doing make sense? Do we have the “right” to blame others for our failures? Do we have the “right” to criticize others for their successes, or do we need to ask ourselves… What is the Value in what I am pursuing online? Ahh!! Sounds to me like a topic for another post!

I would like to end this post by saying how overjoyed I am at being in the Lucky 13 family! I have the most wonderful team mates anyone could ask for! Besides…. “it was either here or jail!”

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