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Yay! Sunny’s here!


I do hope you’ve enjoyed all our posts up to now… it’s been great for for everybody on our team!

People seem really scared to blog – that they “have nothing to offer”. I get that way a LOT – I shy away from commenting, so I “don’t look stupid” – but instead, I may be seen as a “non-action taker.”

I had a hero/mentor tell me once about managing – “it doesn’t matter what kind of decision you make, good or bad, just MAKE a decision.” That’s how I feel about blogging. It doesn’t matter what kind of post or blog I have… just MAKING a post or blog is better than 99.9% of the people online now.

The more posts I make, the better I get. Also, the less afraid I am of doing it.

The best way I know how to make sure I get things done, is with my todo lists. They’re written down – so I tell myself that I need to do these items on this day – and after they’re done, then I can play my games, or sleep, or whatever fun thing I have in mind.

It’s pretty awesome looking back, and seeing what I’ve accomplished over the past few days/weeks/months. All because “I said I would.”

If anybody EVER needs any blogging help – just ask me, or Tom Wacker – we’re always here to help!

Stay the Course


Sound familiar?  Well it is the total truth..

So what do I do now?  PTC..TEs.. Blog, Blog, Blog, PTP, Teams, Competitions?  This is exactly the question I had to ask myself..  What do I want to focus on?   Yes I could have gone out and joined every TE that I saw. Joined the crowd.  Followed the best.  BUT,  was that the best for me?  No!  Not in the long run. So now what?…. Focus and “STAY THE COURSE”

When I first heard these words something clicked in my head.  Hmm Stay the Course, sounds like a plan, but to what?  What was my “Course”   I Soon found it.

You see I am a part time surfer and part time farmer.  I love both jobs so I had to find a happy medium for both.  I Joined two online programs that are going to take me down the right course.. my plan, what works for Me.   Let me explain.. Click Track Profit plus Kore4 was the first and then the Cash Surfing Network.  Two well established programs that just keep getting better and better and both care a lot about their affiliates.  Within those two programs are about 15 TEs.  I try to surf them all every day.

TEAMS..  Do I Join or Not..  For me,  NO!!!  I am one of those people that will put everything into the team and not surf the rest.  Teams don’t work for me except when they are a part of my plan.  CTP teams are a part of MY plan.  I joined the best one out there.  Did not even think twice about it.  I saw who the Team Leader was and I was there. Lucky13 is where I belong and where the Karma is always positive.  I know that the people on this team will help me get started.  I am on one other team but there again it is part of my plan.  Start Xchange’s Team Clean Living is the other team and again the Team leader and others on that team are why I am there.  They Care and are willing to give you help.

So Find what works for you.  Try things out and go to it.

Blogging …  Well I’m working on it.  Some day when I have an extra hour or two I will get it together.

Twitter is good also.  Would love to hear from you all.

I could go on but maybe I will save that for another day.

Find your niche and stick with it..  You won’t get rich over night but don’t give up.




Monday Morning Update

Good Monday! Welcome to a wonderful new week!

Lucky 13 has a NEW member. We welcome Wendy Browning to the fold, and really look forward to her team participation. We also hope to have the last slot on the team filled very shortly.

Another third place finish for the Lucky 13. With a new player, Cash Surfing Network 1 ahead of us but not ahead of the SurfAholics Alpha. This was the first week with a really enormous point difference between the top 4 teams. The top 3 teams got very near 700 million points between them, a total that looked out of reach 2 weeks ago.

Looking at the total scores it’s hard to picture, but we had Elina B upgrade to Kore 4 and made a very nice run up on the SAs who were then in 2nd place. Once again, I am seriously impressed with how the SAAs stretched out late in the week.

Lucky 13 has plans. Some should help our performance in the teams competition, some are outside the normal scope, that should improve our team. For us, it’s gotten to be much more than just a competition.

For those that have been sleeping under a bridge, the World Cup is ON. Almost every team member has a ‘home team’ or at least, a favorite team in the competition. What a great thing to share.

It was this or jail.

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