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Are you Rich?


Let me ask you again. Are you Rich?

What does that mean?  To be rich I mean.

I feel like I am one of the riches people in this world.  Why?  Well I have things, stuff, ideas etc. that others don’t.  They would not even think about some of the things I have.

Let me explain

I have a family… 3 daughters, a son – in –law, and 2 gentlemen friends of my other daughters that would do anything for me.  My Husband and I were very much in love right up until he passed.  Well. we still are in love and will be together again someday. I wear his wedding band on my right hand …Yeah, I’m Rich

I live on a farm where I can do whatever I want.  I have a piece of land that was handed down from 2 other generations.. Yeah, I’m Rich

I have friends that are priceless… Yeah I’m Rich

I have an Internet Family that is helping me gain knowledge on how to run a business…  JOIN ME IN KORE4,  Yeah, I’m Rich

Someone once said to me as they were leaving my house 30 years ago…. “ Out of all of your sisters (I have 5) and brother, you are the riches.  You will be the happiest..”  You know what, they were right.

I don’t have a million dollars in the bank.  I don’t have a fancy car.  But I have the one thing out of all of those I listed that makes me “RICH”


Yeah, I’m Rich and get Richer everyday.

Jean Kopinski/Farmangel

May you be as rich as I

Join Me At Kore 4

It’s about the Teamwork!

So you’ve heard the news.

Sure you did, it caused fair amount of commotion, the kind only stray cats in February can produce.

Yes, Lucky 13 grabbed the first place finally.

Week in, week out we grind, since the beginning of this competition. There were days we felt frustrated about not being able to keep up with the SAAs, whenever we pressed harder they found the way to counter our moves.

We did everything right, the entire team worked as one. It looked like this:

But something was missing from the equation, until last week, when we finally found the missing ingredient and did what was necessary to win, so here it is:

So it is about the teamwork but it also helps when you scale up stuff.


1406034961 Epoch time (CC BY-SA)

July 21, 2014

Winners.  Always know to us, the world now knows that the Lucky 13 are serious winners.  Won the week in CTP teams by a comfortable margin with the largest point total so far in the competition.  No easy feat against some serious competition from the Stray Cats and the ever present Surfaholics Alpha.

We also start the week in the Premier League for the 12th consecutive week.

Some of our teammates heard some grousing about the way we won.  “It’s not fair” and that sort of thing.  If anyone thinks we cheated IN ANY WAY, please take it up with TimTech.  Then put on your ‘big boy panties’, pull them up to your armpits, and come get us.  We can handle it…

It’s like business, you see.  Sometimes you give your very best effort and don’t come out on top.  Whining and complaining don’t accomplish a thing, at least nothing positive.  Figure out what you need to do and go again.  It’s the only way to the top, and the sooner you know that, the sooner you get there.

And never, ever forget that CTP teams is a GAME.



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