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As a lot of you in the business know, I am an avid fan and user of Twitter.  I fell n love with it seeing how powerful a tool it is for getting a quick message out there, for connecting with people from other states, countries, and even across the street.  the beauty of Twitter is its simplicity, 140 characters to comment about what’s on your mind, share a story and as is the case in this industry, share a splash page, a website, or even promote your own program.  Either way, Twitter is a powerful tool, and when used correctly, is probably the most powerful social media platform on the planet. 

What I am seeing a lot more of these days are people just not either getting it, or not caring what they put out there when they tweet.  They go to a site or see a page and they click the tweet button and not give it another thought.  My point is people just don’t think when they post to twitter or share a link through Twitter, they don’t add anything to the tweet, they just click the button and move on. 

Most traffic exchanges have automated this function into their website, they have a tweet button where you can click, then the site will tweet the link with an automated message and post it to your twitter account.  My problem with this is that the “Tweet button” could be used in a much more personal manner so that users would actually be prompted to add their own comments to the tweet that is being posted.  an automated message created by your site is so impersonal, and annoying, that I am actually getting tired of seeing others promote my site knowing all they did was point and click a button, but nothing else to add their comments or feelings on the site they are tweeting. 

I pose this challenge to not only owners of websites and programs, but to the individual users as well.  Make twitter your soapbox.  Create and be unique, make it personal, make it your own.  LEARN how to use it, learn how to use the various apps that are out there for Twitter, and you will see your brand expand, your face and ideas will be more visual, and people wont think you are just a mindless person pointing a mouse and clicking.  As for owners, there are tools out there you can integrate into your site, hell there are owners that are fantastic programmers in their own right, and force the members to add their comments or at least an opportunity to add their comments to a tweet when they want to tweet a site out to the masses.  It will give them a more interactive experience as well as to truly express their own thoughts on what they think about a particular site, page, or program that they either like or in some cases, don’t like.  I know there are “bots” out there that seek out that twitter like and are programmed to click on it without the user having to do anything else but click on that button.  The owner or programmer that can come up with a function or code that would force the user to add comments and not just automatically tweet out the link, would also be providing a service to the community in that it would go a long way, if done correctly, to expose some cheaters.  Remember, if it can be dreamed up, thought of, or imagined, it can be done. 

Scott “The Sports Nerd” Wright  – @BrownBuc   

This wonderful feeling…

My post will be very short today. I am preparing to have visitors who will stay with us for the next five days, so my mind is all occupied with them at the moment. And till this second I didn’t have slightest idea what to write about. But you know, I am watching Star Trek for quite a while now. Started with the original series, continued with the movies and finishing third season of The Next Generation. There is a 3-minute clip I want to share with you, please be patient to watch it till the end 🙂


I’m sure all of you know life can be hard sometimes… or not even sometimes. Whether you have to move, or you have too much work to do, or someone you know isn’t doing well, or someone is attacking you without a reason, .. or.. or…. It all strikes us sometimes. And at those times you need to remember that we have

this wonderful feeling


Keep smiling, folks!

Go Lucky 13!




My Hero

I was told by a great writer,a leader and friend Tom Wacker to write for yourself. So here goes.

I have gone through some rough times. It started 3 years ago for me. 1st I lost my job and could not get one being 59 did not help.

2nd my back was screwed up and my shoulder needed surgery. So  I applied for disability and got it. That still was not my house payment,so I was living off of my pension and savings.I know not the smartest thing to do. 3rd I went to a pain DR. and he found that I had a tumor on my brain, oops .The tumor was removed and was benign. 54 days in the ICU and 4 weeks in a rehab hospital I went home.I spent 1 year, 3 days a week in therapy were I had to learn how to do everything all over. Still a work in progress.

4th I lost my house and had to move which I did. Now I can’t work even though I want to. The mind is willing but the body ain’t.

5th Someone stole my identity. I was treated like the criminal not the victim.

6th my younger sister-in-law was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and no cure.

7th my oldest son gets pneumonia has to have surgery which gets infected so he has to come and live with us because he needed constant care. He did not have any insurance because his business partner did not think he should have to pay so much and let it laps and never said anything.that’s another can of worms.

8th my mother-in-law dies. Sad but lived for 92 years.

9th my sister-in-law died so sad was only 54.

10th now my son lost everything will be a permanent resident.

11th My wife had to have a hysterectomy on June  10 and naturally had a rough go of it.

Yes I threw my self a pity party.

Yea I have been through a lot but the one person who has been through all of it and has never once said, to me anyway, why me!

My wonderful wife, my true love. My hero.


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