So welcome to August! July was a wild and crazy, and crazy busy month for the Lucky 13, and a month full of all kinds of firsts.

One of the first firsts of July was when (most of) Lucky 13 collaborated on the now-famous “We Are Lucky 13” video splash page, which we unveiled at the Sweeva Surf Party the week Sweeva had its relaunch.

We were the first (and so far only) team with such a collaborative video featuring multiple individual videos from our team members, and we were also the first (and so far only) team video to snag a cameo by one of the most famous and funniest video auteurs in the traffic exchange community, the great Jerry Iannucci. Thanks again, Jerry!

The splash page was the brainchild of team member Tony Calabrese, the individual videos were edited and put together by Lucky 13 drill sergeant (ha!) Sunny Suggs, and the fabulous splash page was designed by our oh-so-talented resident designer and teammate Rhonda Pizor.

I am also very proud to say (as has been mentioned before on the blog) that several of our teammates made their debut videos in the making of that page – more firsts!

Jean Kopinski, Elina Balashova, Lotta Ericsson, Joao Ramos, Madolyn Joseph, and (I believe) Tony Calabrese and Wendy Browning as well did their first videos ever for it (if I left anyone else out that was their first, forgive me). That’s awesome!

Then Jean Kopinski made us all even more proud by doing her second video ever for the new CTP Member Training found within CTP. Her video is really excellent and one of the best ones there (and the Lucky 13 is well represented throughout the new Member Training section).

We were also the first CTP Teams team to win the top team XP prize at the following Sweeva Surf Party, woohoo! We placed second at the most recent SSP (I expect our fearless leader, Mr. Wacker, may be addressing that occurrence come Monday here on the blog).

And, of course, our biggest first in July was Lucky 13’s first 1st Place win – our first time winding up in first place among the CTP Teams, at the end of the week a couple of weeks ago. That was a really, really crazy busy week for us but we managed to pull it off in our usual somewhat manic and sleepless style (LOL).

Looking back on July now, it seems like it was just a whirlwind of activity around the clock every single day for the Lucky 13, and makes me tired just thinking about it all now. Then again, we are “the team that never sleeps”… what will we come up with next, hmm? Stay tuned!

In any case, I am more proud than ever to be a member of the Lucky 13 after this past month, which was just stellar. I feel so fortunate to be hanging out with this group of exceptional, fine, and funny individuals… and I remain convinced that there cannot possibly be another CTP Teams team that has as much fun as we do collectively on a daily basis.

Who knows what’s next for the Lucky 13 in August? There’s no telling with us, so for now I’ll just say “GO LUCKY 13!” – and have an outstanding weekend, peeps! 🙂