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It looks like it’s my day… again 🙂

It was 30th August of 2006. Around 14:20 my life changed completely. 🙂

A little girl named Leonor borned! I still remember the words of the nurse when they gave her to me for the 1st time: “Hold her, she won’t break!”

Imagem 37

She grew up and fast (Why can’t they stop growing up?) and she’s will be 8 years old next Saturday (already 8?).


She’s always with me when i’m doing the TE’s at home and helps me on some of my TE. Well not always, but once in a while she likes to click the icons! 🙂

She has a favourite TE: the one with the “fofinho” in it.


If with almost 8 years my daughter can ClickYourFaceOff, why can’t you?


And this year, for the second time she entered into the Honors Board, with a classification of 4.8 in a scale from 1 to 5.

Yes i’m very proud of my daughter 🙂

Go Lucky 13

It was here or jail. The team that never sleeps

How To Build A New Habit

1. Start immediately. If you put it off until next month, you will never do it.

2. Start small. Do not be too ambitious. Breakdown your goals, and go piece by piece. Do not overwhelm yourself by trying too much at once.

3. Keep track. Use an app or even just write down your progress as you go along. Give yourself proof of your hard work.

4. Practice. It’s going to take a while. Repeating a habit over and over will drill it into your subconscious mind, and make it second nature.

5. Stay the course. If you slip up, quickly adjust before you lose your progress.

6. Reward yourself. You are working hard. Rewards will reinforce your new behaviors.

Blam! Short & Sweet, just like me!

Janelle Pineau

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