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Yay! It’s my turn to post!

You may or may not know that I launched My Free Resources a couple of weeks ago. Things are going great!

The “mailer audience” is much different than the TE community. They want opportunities – *cough* KORE4 *cough* – and they’re not afraid to spend money to get them.

They don’t want moar pennies.. they want a sustainable income.

Having said that – you should be using mailers to get in on that audience. Build lists, tell them about KORE4 (with you own pages – not the usual stuff. Stand out!)

To make it even better – I’ll be giving 1000 XP every time you mail.

I’m working on getting it automated – but for now – just send me a support ticket after you mail, and once I verify it, I’ll send you 1000 XP.

Here’s the cool thing – Free members are only able to mail every 5 days. BUT – you can “buy” another mailing for just 1000 credits.

Upgraded members get 30k credits per month. They’re able to email every day. Still… they can reset their mailing time, too.

Think about it – Upgrade – Spend 5k in credits (thereabouts) and get 3000XP in a day. You can do that 6 times without even clicking an email.

It’s a great opportunity to reach a whole new audience, for just a few minutes a day!

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So many ways to earn XP, so little time in a day.

Hello all, I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend so far. I am so excited about all the changes that have been made to CTP. All the TE sites that are adding XP to the tier badges, the Ilovehits bracket and the king ships. CTP is making it almost impossible for a team to rake in the points.

The only thing for me is figuring out which sites to surf. I want to surf them all and am finding it really hard to make a day last just a little bit longer. I am confident that I will find a more structured way to surf effectively but until then I am literally clicking my face off.

I of coarse want to complete the daily challenge, it holds the highest bonus for xp  but then you have the vault and the sub challenge, then the TE badges. I am just trying to get all the points and because of that I am finding myself spread a little thin.  Some times I have so many tabs running that it seems not to help. I could be wrong about that but in my opinion if you are surfing more than 5 sites at once, you are spending too much time going between tabs. I have been seriously thinking about trying out Traffic Browser. It could very well be a game changer for me. We will have to wait and see.

There is one thing that I can be sure of and that is I am so grateful to be upgraded to Kore 4, they were not kidding when they said that it gives you more. If I had to go back to a regular non-upgraded member.

I am excited to see what other changes to CTP they are going to come up with  next.


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