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Get Efficient Already! (Part 1)

In my previous blog post, I discussed setting up a schedule to help us get organized. Now I’m going to get to being more efficient with your time. The business lingo I can best associate this with is “capacity management”. Typically this would apply to computer systems, but it can apply to us as well.

In my case, my primary business tasks revolve around:

1. Kore4 (five awesome top upgrades on Timtech sites)

2. My CTP Team — Lucky 13 (one awesome sauce team)

3. SFI (Strong Future International) Marketing Group).

The first thing I needed to do was prioritize them. For the longest time, I was trying to treat them as 1A/1B/1C. That doesn’t work (well, it doesn’t for me, at least). I finally broke down and prioritized them 1 through 3 as you see above.

The second thing is to figure out what you do each day for each of your tasks (sub-tasks, so to speak). In my case:

1. Kore4: advertising Kore4 on non-Timtech sites/surfing Timtech sites/CTP/network on the Kore4 site within Kore4

2. Lucky 13: daily challenge/keys/subs/bi-weekly blog entry/network

3. SFI: advertise SFI/communicate with team/complete daily tasks in SFI system/network with team and other SFI members

Now that you have your tasks/sub-tasks listed out, thoughts might be creeping in. “Really? I’m supposed to do all that every day? What if I can’t?”. We’ll start to address that in my next blog entry on 9/4/13.

Nugget for the Day: The best place to find Kore4 sign-ups is on non-Timtech sites. Use Timtech’s Traffic Exchange List to find places to go (hint: Start at the top). http:\\

(Be patient with me. We’re gonna get somewhere with this….)

Premium Kore 4 Pie

Good Day everyone…  As I sit here this morning and ponder what to write about I thought I would share with you my post from last week on my own personal  blog…  I feel this is ok as there are only 20 members there….  Would really like to grow this list a little more.  is where you can sign up and then send me your ctp username and I will send you 500XP….
Premium Kore 4 Pie


1   Bottom Crust –  CTP

1   Sweeva Membership

1   I Love Hits Membership

1   ThumbVu Membership

1   Start Xchange Membership

Mix the 4 Memberships together using your Mouse

Pour mixture into Bottom Crust

Cover with a Kore 4 Membership

Now you have a Kore 4 Premium Pie

It is up to you to expand it by Mixing it with your Mouse at least 50 clicks a day.

Watch the Money Badges and other Goodies start Popping out of your pie.  You may want to have a money jar nearby to catch them.

Optional Ingredients:   Rocket Responder ( will save you a lot of work and clean up )

Your own Badge ( gives it a little spice)

Bottle of Wine…  Because you deserve it !!!!!(Beer if you like)

Good Luck with your Kore 4 Premium Pie


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