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“One Size Fits All?”

In the Internet Marketing Industry does “one size fit all?”
At the outset that may seem like a strange question, but think about it a bit.

There are many so called “shinny objects” in the industry to attract our attention.
Some – in their quest for Internet Marketing success, follow after almost every money-making opportunity that they see. It goes without saying that such an marketing strategy does not work.

When we are searching for an online business opportunity it is important for us to focus on what will work for us as an individual, not what works for someone else. Sure, it helps to know that someone has been successful in a particular venture, but that does not mean that WE will be successful in that same venture.

No matter how valid and workable a business opportunity may be, if we are not active and dedicated to what we are doing it simply won’t work – for US. One person will take a business opportunity and do amazing things with it and in the end see profit for their efforts. Another person might take that same business opportunity and fail miserably at it. Same opportunity, different outcome.

Why is that? Well, it has do do with a great many variables but in the end it often comes down to our level of business sense and motivation. It is important that we “dot all the ‘i’s and cross all the ‘t’s” when it comes to evaluating if an opportunity is feasible or not.

Then comes the next thing – the WORK (forgive me for using such bad language – lol)).
If we are not highly dedicated to what ever it is we decide to promote or get involved with, then WE WILL NOT BE SUCCESSFUL! So, instead of blaming “everybody and his brother” for our lack of success in a particular venture, maybe we need to make a self-examination and see if WE are not the problem.

Does One Size truly Fit All?

Take care folks 🙂

Whining and the Bigfoot BadgeHunt

Hi, it’s my day again 🙂

I don’t know if anyone noticed, but every week the Lucky 13 wins there’s always someone that’s starts to whine about it! Why the whining?! Can’t we win???

Was this way when we won our 1st week and was the same the last week we won.

Remember that THIS IS JUST A GAME!!!

Moving forward, this week started the BigFoot BadgeHunt, and i can’t believe that there are still badges that don’t have any clue about how can you claim it. Well at least put some words in there, like the day that you can claim the badge or somenthing else… but put there some info! There are a few ones that you can’t claim yet, but there’s some info about the day, and this way you can adjust your strategie to claim the badges.

Happy hunting and STOP the whining every week we win, ok??

Appreciating the small things in life

Hi everyone

I have learned to appreciate the little things in life.
Last year on my birthday my daughter gave me a small stone. On the stone she had written “Happy Birthday Mom” (in swedish of course) and drawn a heart. This small gift meant more to me than if she had bought something.

Today it seems it is all about having the newest IPhone or the latest expensive shoes.
Does those things really make you happier? No, they don’t….quite the opposite.

Things that I’ve learned to appreciate is stopping to watch the ducks in the pond in the park on my way to work. Walking barefoot in the grass in the early summer morning. Taking a walk along the beach on a windy day.

Which small things in life makes you happy?

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