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Learn To Say “Yes”

Learning to say “no” is a common assertiveness skill, but learning to say “yes” and asserting yourself is key to taking advantage of opportunities and experiences you want in your life.

Assertiveness is about being aware of your needs and aligning your thinking to match them. For example, is work-family balance an important value to you but you’re always too busy to achieve it? It yes, use assertiveness to grab opportunities for fitting in a family picnic, an evening family card game or just a day together with your family. It’s easy to avoid the stress of juggling priorities by simply not doing things like this, but assertiveness can help you behave more opportunistically so things you truly value don’t pass you by, leaving you to regret later what you didn’t do.

Source: Aspiria September 2014 Issue 68

To Your Success,
Janelle Pineau

Are you ready?!

Hey everyone, I hope that you all have had a good week. I myself have had so much fun surfing all the nerd sites for the new challenge that CTP has provided us with. I have noticed that a lot of other ctp members were upset because they didn’t have enough time to prepare for the first one with StartXchange. I agree somewhat but understand that it was only a trial to check for error, or at least that is what I have heard. I started off strong but forgot that I only had till 1pm est to finish, thank goodness members of Lucky13 had blown it out of the water. Wow, we have some super surfers that is for sure.

Another event that I am looking forward to is the Bigfoot Badge Hunt. How interesting, giving people the opportunity to assign tasks for badges. I am anticipating some of the creative ways members will come up with and seeing how many I myself can complete as well as the members of Lucky13. I am grateful to TimTech and all the other people behind the scenes that keep it interesting. I am never board because there is always a new way to earn xp popping up.

Stepping outside of CTP for a moment, I stumbled upon GPS while hunting for eggs the other day. Just in case you haven’t seen or heard anything about it, GSP is Gottman’s Power Surf. It includes Lobby Hits, Top Hits4U and Power Cash Stream. And in addition to 35% bonus credits for surfing all three sites at the same time, yep you guessed it there are badges.

I look forward to our team pulling together and mastering the new challenges that coming up. I am very confident that we will do just fine. Have a great week nerd surfing and hunting eggs and Bigfoot Badges.



I was talking to a friend of mine today, and we were discussing making videos for members… then we got on the discussion of how most members won’t use them.

We all want a “done for you” solution to making money. Sure, traffic exchanges come now with all the bells and whistles – login offers, credit packages that people can purchase… people really think it’s “set and forget”.

It is not.

In the “outside” world, when you want to own, say, a restaurant for example. Even… EVEN if somebody gives you land, permits, building, tables and chairs, food, equipment and staff… you still have to RUN the thing.

And… you need to… okay, brace yourselves for this next one. You still need to *learn how* to run it.

You need to know about profit/loss, food cost, beverage cost, labor cost! And, how to manage all those. AND still make a profit.

Same with a traffic exchange.

I did some research to find a list of things needed to run a restaurant, when I came upon this website:

What you need to run a restaurant

It has some great information there… AND ALL OF IT also applies to running a Traffic Exchange.

My favorite was this –

Must-Have Personality Traits to Run a Successful Restaurant

Running a restaurant requires more than solid business skills and the willingness to work hard. Making your restaurant a success starts with the right attitude and these personality traits:

  • Tolerance
  • Business sense
  • Positive energy
  • Leadership skills
  • Schmoozability
  • Passion
  • Presence
  • Persistence
  • Ability to balance your life inside and outside the restaurant

Now, I’m NOT saying don’t open a TE. What I am saying though, is talk talk talk to people about the business end of it before you start. Know how it works. This is YOUR business!


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