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September 15, 2014 Wonderful Monday

It’s a big Monday for the Lucky 13!  We won the weekly competition at CTP teams for only the second time!!

But wait, there is more!!  We actually lead in the Monthly competition for the first time EVER.  In fact, I believe that this is the first time in 16 weeks that anyone but SurfAholics Alpha has led the monthly competition.  Think about that for a second.  This is the first time that anyone but the SAAs have even led the monthly competition, let alone won.  That is how complete their domination is.  15 weeks, only one leader.  Until right now.

It’s a dent.  A small dent in the armor of our primary competition.  The Lucky 13 has accomplished this by persistent hard work and co-operation.  We are truly a “One for all and all for One” team that never, ever eases up.  We have been beaten more than we have won, but have never pulled up to feel sorry for ourselves.  That attitude and hard work is paying off for us right now.

We are fully focused, and I do mean FULLY focused on the fact that CTP Teams competition is a marathon, not a sprint.  The prize is at the end of the year, not this week or month.  We’ve gained a couple of steps on the leader, but there is a lot more work left to do.  We are prepared to do that work.

I would be remiss if I didn’t remind everyone that the Lucky 13 has now been a member of the Premier League for 17 consecutive weeks.  It’s a great Monday.




You’re Doing it Wrong!!!! Well, some of you are….

So here it is, my turn once again, and I have been hemming and hawing trying to figure out what it is I should write about.  I did a blog post at my own personal Blog yesterday regarding the recent off the field issues in the National Football League and it is here if you would like to take a look at it.  I basically go off on the NFL, calling out the commissioner and the handling of the situation. But this is not the venue for that so I will go in another direction. 

I am not one to avoid controversy, I call em like I see em, and that, as you all are quite aware, is part of my charm…lol  Today, I want to talk about a subject that is near and dear to my heart.  I surf 30-40 sites per day, and I do all this in the span of about 4 hours in the morning with my music going, my finger clicking, trying to get as much done as I can before either having to go to work or sleep overtakes me and I nap.  I will soon be branching out and trying to add some mailers to my daily tasks, hope to be moving my blog to a new server, even though the mod over there is a MeanieFace, she knows what she is doing…lol

I have some observations that have irked me a bit in the last few weeks, and I have for the most part just let them go, but no more.  I have been an avid surfer for over 2 years, I have become somewhat known, because I have branded myself as “The Sports Nerd” and thus you know who that is when someone brings it up.  My blog is advertised at a lot of sites, and has developed a small following for which I am grateful for, but when I see things that get under my skin a bit I feel that I have to mention it, no matter what it may do to my “Brand”.  that is the price you pay for trying to make the industry better and throw the view of the average surfer into the mix.

With that being said, let me start with this..  When you make it HARDER for your members to earn credits, bonuses, or rewards, then you will end up pushing those members away and your activity will diminish, your surfing numbers will, eventually, drop to near nothing.  When you purposely drop the rewards for surfing a specific number of sites, or you change the amount of rewards you can get for playing a certain game then you are in fact alienating your members, the site is no longer fun to surf, you feel that all the effort you put into surfing that site on a daily basis is unappreciated, therefore causing an affiliate to choose another site to surf and not promote your site, because the rewards do not proportionally reward the effort.  You can add all the bells and whistles you want, add new games, make it look pretty, but if the reward is not worth the effort then it is a waste of my time.  I’m not saying give away the farm, just make it worth our time to use your site based on our efforts. 

Next, I want to address the use of Twitter in your business.  I am an AVID Twitter user, I have been a Twitter user for five years and in my opinion it is the most powerful form of Social Media in use today.  What we say in 140 characters can be the difference between being called a genius or a troll, it all depends on what you say in that amount of characters.  Let me say this, first and foremost… If all you use Twitter for is to retweet out what someone has posted, not adding your own thoughts, and doing so over and over again then it will only be a matter of moments before I remove you from my list of people I am following, or whatever “list” I may have you on.  Specific examples..  If you are surfing Sweeva, and you tweet EACH site you view, then you become a troll on my timeline.  That is NOT how you use twitter.  Twitter is social media folks, a method of expressing YOUR THOUGHTS, a method of getting info out there in your own words, it is not a way of just tweeting for the sake of tweeting. make it count, make it SAY something, make it worth others time to actually read it.  CTP has recently added to CTP Teams the opportunity to get XP by “retweeting” their tweets, and I for one will not use that feature, because it is not what Twitter was created for.  One more thing about Twitter…NO ONE CARES what your Twitter account is “worth”.  There is a new app out there that apparently looks at your tweets, and based on the quality or whatever algorithm they are using gives a “value” to your account.  guess what People…  here’s a newsflash for you…  no one is going to “buy” your twitter account, it isnt going to happen, and I for one could give two Sh**s what its worth.. so please…stop.. just… STOP.  Use it correctly, use it smart, and if you use it at all, use it to your benefit and make your account appear at the very least.. HUMAN.  If you cant think of anything to tweet.. then don’t tweet until you have something to say.  I can hold an entire conversation with someone in Twitter, and I can do it in 140 characters at a time.  If you cant do that, then you don’t need to be using Twitter at all. 

I call em like I see em folks, and you can like me, love me or hate me for it.  I don’t care. I am more concerned about the quality of this industry than I am about how you may feel about what kind of person I am.  Quality will always override quantity in my book, and that’s more important to me than anything else.  Call me a whiner, call me a complainer, call me a complete A$$hole if you want, no matter.  I’m gonna surf the sites that get my sites seen, that provide me the best reward for my effort, and I am here to first, stop having to work OT at my offline job, and eventually quit that job.  I’m 48 years old now, and I haven’t got time for BS.  CTP teams has opened my eyes as to what is working and what is NOT working, and the knowledge I have gained not just from all of the increased surfing I have done, but from the input and interacting with the members of my team is priceless. 

Not all of what I have seen is negative, however and I don’t want to be accused of a negative ninny or someone that hates the industry.  The adding of XP rewards to sites, the creativity of a lot of owners has been brought to the forefront of the industry sue to how they have been able to add XP rewards to their site is fantastic.  New games, XP for incremental badges, XP rewards for surfing specific amount of sites, Adding XP to mailers, New badges related to XP, all of this has made surfing FUN, and I think that was one of the goals of CTP when they introduced Teams, was to make it fun for everyone along with the opportunity to learn and interact directly with other members of the industry.  They have accomplished that goal in my opinion, and I am having a blast with it. 

Get in the game…. Or sit on the bench, the choice is yours….

Scott “The Sports Nerd” Wright

Well, here it is my turn again. Sunny and I write here on the blog on alternate Fridays, so it’s been a couple of weeks since it was last my turn.

In the meantime, we in the Lucky 13 were hit with the horrible and shocking news that we had lost one of our beloved team members, Kathy Kelly, who passed away last month.

Others have written about it here and elsewhere, but since I haven’t blogged much of anywhere in a couple of weeks, I haven’t really had a chance to say anything publicly. So I hope you’ll allow me some space to talk about Kathy for a bit here today…

Our fearless Lucky 13 leader, Tom Wacker, and I had been concerned for several weeks that something bad might have happened. Neither of us had ever known Kathy to not log into CTP every single day, as well as being around in CTP chat at some time or another nearly every day. Sometimes it seemed like she was there all day, every day. (Heh.)

First it was a few days she missed, then a week. Then a couple of weeks or more had passed and still no Kathy.

Tom and I kept coming up with bunches of possible excuses between us to try and calm ourselves down about it, and we bugged everyone we could think of that knew her fairly well to see if someone else maybe knew something. Nobody had any news. Tom did some more searching around and wasn’t coming up with anything. Eventually we were just at a loss as to what else to do.

Then the bad news finally came. I know Tom nor I either one were really all that surprised, though we had hoped so much there would be some other reasonable explanation. I think both of us had the same gut feeling from the start that something terrible had happened, though. We just hoped we were wrong, and were so sad to find out our gut instincts had been correct after all.

So about the legendary Kathy Kelly. One thing about Kathy is she had the uncanny ability to immediately put a smile on your face or make you laugh at all times. Whether in chat or on cam on Spreecast, the woman just cracked me up, always.

If you ever saw her on cam, she was always smiling this big huge smile. If you saw her in chat, you pretty much read everything she typed as if she had that same big smile on her face (I have no doubt she did). Her smile and her always-good-cheer was just downright infectious.

I’d see Kathy in our team Skype room, with the little Skype pencil going that indicated she was in the middle of typing something, and I’d already be chuckling watching the pencil move and waiting to see what was coming next. If Sunny was in there at the time, she’d usually say something like, “Uh oh, Kathy’s about to yell at me again” or something like it, and we’d all be just cracking up and laughing.

Kathy was one of the happiest people I’ve ever known, really. If you’d asked me a few months ago who was the happiest person I knew in TE Land, I’d have absolutely responded, “Kathy Kelly!”. She was just always so happy, laughing, making other people laugh, and always playfully messing with and teasing folks, always in good fun. Just a joy and so much fun to be around.

One thing I will always remember about Kathy is how she welcomed me back into the TE community after my long absence. I hadn’t known her very well back in the old days, so it was a little bit of a pleasant surprise the first time she caught me in CTP chat and welcomed me back, and all the nice and wonderful things she said.

I remember feeling exceptionally really grateful and humbled by it all, especially to have even really been remembered, and apparently so well, by someone I hadn’t already been pretty good friends with in the old days. Certainly a lot of people, most of whom I had known really well, welcomed me back at the time, and most pretty sincerely.

But Kathy struck me not only as absolutely sincere, but just about as if she were quite literally jumping up and down with joy that I was back, and proceeded to go telling anyone and everyone within earshot in chat at the time how great it was that I was back and why. I can’t really remember all she said, but it made me smile and laugh, humbled me to no end (and darn near embarrassed me to pieces, LOL) and made me a little teary-eyed too.

And that was just kinda totally Kathy for you. She was not only one of the most helpful people in the TE community ever – I always, always saw her helping folks or offering to, wherever she went – but it was just kinda like it was her life’s mission to make everyone she ran into feel good, and welcome them, especially new people. She was kinda like the TE Land Welcome Wagon all by herself.

Even in death, Kathy’s ability to put a smile on one’s face or make a person laugh is still intact. I’ve thought about her a lot since we learned of her passing, and even though it makes me sad to think of her being gone, I can’t help but smile pretty much every time remembering her. (Or remember her picking on and teasing Sunny in our team room, and then I laugh.)

Kathy was a shining star in TE Land, absolutely. Maybe even THE shining star, really. I don’t think there’s anyone around who didn’t love Kathy. People come and go in this community all the time, but Kathy Kelly is definitely one person who really made, and left, their mark in the TE community.

So we sadly lost Kathy, which was terrible. The door on Lucky 13 with teammate Kathy Kelly closed, and we were all pretty sad. Still are.

But then another door opened, and in the meantime we managed to gain some fantastic new teammates – some of whom I had never thought in my wildest dreams we’d have with us on Lucky 13, and most, if not all, with some ties to our Kathy.

We gained the fabulous Myra (who I had the hugely fun chance to watch carry on with Kathy during the TimTech 102-hour Spreecast last year, that was a total hoot); we gained the lovely Monique, another of TE Land’s super surfers and a just a super sweet person; and we also most recently gained the wonderful Adam Brockie, longtime leader of the top StartXchange surfing team that Kathy was also a member of and good friend to. How lucky are we?!?!!?!?!?!!!

I am so grateful and pleased to have these wonderful, wonderful folks as teammates now. Certainly I still miss Kathy terribly, and I know we all do, but at least getting all these super new teammates maybe makes it hurt a little less, Kathy’s loss. Just a little.

And I’ve thought about this too. I’m not so sure the newest additions to our Lucky 13 team weren’t somewhat and somehow sorta orchestrated by an angel from above – i.e., Kathy herself. Can’t you just see it?

I can just see her giggling wherever she is, and doing anything she could to see it happen – especially since she knew we’d all (i.e., mostly me, Sunny and Tom, yeah) been trying to talk Myra into jumping to Lucky 13 since just about Day One of CTP Teams. (Ha!)

If so, well played, Kathy Kelly, well played. And you will be well missed, by me and literally hundreds of others in this crazy little community of ours.

Godspeed, dear smiling lady. Godspeed.



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