What a Day, What a Week, What a Month

Congratulations to the SAA team for winning the month of August and the last week.  They came from way behind in typical fashion to beat the Uber Surfers for the week.  It seems I’ve seen that finish somewhere before….

Lucky 13 finished a very strong 3rd for the week, and a nice 2nd for the month.  We actually tied the Stray Cats for 2nd, but won the coin toss.  We are now 1 and 1 for coin tosses.

But we have bigger and better news!  We welcome our two new team members, Myra P and Moune Monique.  This is a huge addition to the Lucky 13, and I am so looking forward to our first full week with this team.

And there is more!  We have a new award at the Lucky 13.  The Order of Merit, to be given at least once per month to the member that most represents the team spirit and heart.  I am very proud to announce that the first (and obvious) winner is Elina B.  Congratulations and thanks to Elina, the egg whisperer and Surf Queen.

Last, and oh so certainly not least, we mourn the passing of our team mate, Kathy Kelly.  There is a little black cloud over the Lucky 13 right now…