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TE’s go to the next level…. and other random stuff

In case you were under a rock this week, you may have heard that Eric Goetmann and his brother Daniel launched a new TE this week called Lords of Lothar and it has taken the TE World by storm.  It is the first EVER RPG Traffic exchange.  People have heard Jon Olson say over and over during TE Live telling us to be “different” stand out and be the “Purple Cow”.  Well folks this is how you do it, Eric and Daniel have released a new standard for other TE’s to live up to.  check it out, you wont be disappointed.

I’m a sports fan, I love most pro sports (In the US) and though normally this time of the year I am enthralled deep into the NFL season but one can not help be be intrigued by the World Series due to the rise of the Kansas City Royals.  They play what is called “small ball” which is using base hits, stolen bases and walks to get the runs you need to win, they don’t have much power in their batting lineup so the Home Run is not the primary source of their offense.  If you haven’t been watching, you are missing out.

David Eaton released a new version of Traffic Browser this week as well.  I believe this will be the last version before his BIG release, which promises to allow us to add TE’s on our own to the software.  If that is true, then I cant wait for the release and I look forward to surfing with it.  This latest release added some neat new gadgets and features, but to be honest, and correct me if I’m wrong, it appears to be a bit sluggish when surfing with 10+ tabs open.  maybe its my machine, maybe it’s the sites, but I am not impressed at this point.  But I will give David the benefit of the doubt here and wait with baited breath for the new version soon to come.

TimTech introduced us to the world of Zen this week as well, Zen is a digital currency (I think) and though I am not a techie, it appears to be a scaled down version of Bit Coin, though I admit I don’t understand it much, but I can say that I am running it 24/7 and while I am not collecting a lot of Zen’s, I’m holding on to them until the 1025 I have become worth a million… then I’m making Justin Buy them from me….lol  The annual TimTech Spooktacular starts tomorrow, the first of two or three giant events that TT holds going into the holidays.  Look for daily deals, HUGE savings, and nothing but impressive stuff from the world of TimTech. 

Things I like…  Lords of Lothar, Mining for Zen’s, The Browns beating the Raiders today (I hope), Gummy Bears, Fritos Scoops (omg they are so good)  and coffee..  everything else is just fluff…

Things I don’t like…  Exit Pop-ups in TE’s… guess what, If I wanted to click on your darn link I would have done so, I don’t need you adding an exit pop up to make sure I REALLY want to go to the next site. YES YES I do…  The old guard telling us that “You cant do that” or “That’s not how its done” or “That wont work”… guess what, change occurs in the industry when someone does something different.. its called innovation, and its called STANDING OUT… deal with want to keep doing exactly what you have been doing for the last five years ad not progress with the times.. well.. that’s your business.. do what you want, I’m gonna change the game and be that Purple Cow.

Have a great week everyone….  I got Football to watch…

Scott “The Sports Nerd”

Just Be Yourself!

Yesterday, my Lucky 13 teammate John Brewer wrote a very thoughtful post asking whether it was time to transform our thinking in the traffic exchange industry.  One paragraph in particular reminded me of a situation where I found myself somewhat at odds with another traffic exchange user a while back.

Here’s what John wrote:

Anyway, I see a lot of stubborn attitudes in the Internet Marketing industry. I have seen those who had strong opinions about what “is not acceptable” be very humbled by the success of those who decide to do just the thing they said is “not acceptable.” For example, there was a guru who once said “never take a picture for an ad or a promotion in a baseball cap.” He was making the point of it being “unprofessional.” Well…. I guess I don’t have to say much to that point. Just ask all those super successful baseball cap wearing folks out there.

The “unprofessional” and “not acceptable” deal is what reminded me of the situation that came to mind. Yep, I’ve been at odds with someone with a similar attitude.

Here’s the story (except my “baseball cap” is a Ramones poster)…

As you probably know if you do much surfing at all, I have a couple of video squeeze pages related to my Win 10 With Lynn site and its weekly Spreecast/slash/game show, Traffic Break Trivia, that circulate a whole bunch in various traffic exchanges daily, as well as whatever the Daily Prize page is that’s circulating that particular day – which is also, as you probably know, a squeeze page with video.

Several months ago, a user that was fairly new to Sweeva took me (and several other Sweeva regulars who disagreed with his comments) to task over his perceived impression of “unprofessionalism” in my videos. I expect this user was not only new to Sweeva, but new to traffic exchanges in general.

Well, for one thing, the guy felt some need to suggest to me that I shoot my videos outdoors and made some suggestion that sounded much like I should basically film myself in front of things that made me appear to have lotsa wealth, more or less.

(I guess like all those Internet marketing “gurus” who always shoot their videos by their big pools, big houses, and ultra-expensive cars… all of which they may or may not actually truly own? But even if they do… really, who cares???)

Anyway, since my cam is permanently attached to my desktop PC and I’m perfectly satisfied with it for shooting video, I’m not terribly interested in changing my modus operandi just for the sake of appearing rich and powerful. And I’m sure if I did decide to shoot video outdoors, there are plenty of $1M and $2M dollar fancy homes around town I could film myself in front of if I wanted – but pfffft. (*rolls eyes*)

Next, dude basically had an apparent extreme dislike for the Ramones poster that hangs on the wall in my office next to my desk, saying that was not only “unprofessional” but stated that having the poster in my videos doesn’t give any kind of appearance of anyone that makes money or could help others make money.

Well, for one thing, anyone who has been in the TE community for any relatively long length of time knows or has probably recognized that the poster is hanging where it is in my office as a tip of the hat to one of my mentors and good friends, the late Jerry Reeder, who mentored many in TE Land over several years way back when and was one of the most successful program owners and copywriters in the industry.

You never saw Jerry on cam without his Ramones flag behind him on the wall, and I personally am an old Ramones fan as well, so hanging that poster where it is was not only an expression of who I am personally, but it’s a constant reminder to me of my own goals and purpose in the industry, as well as where I came from and how far I’ve come. Until that poster falls apart and falls off the wall, it stays right where it is.

But all of that aside – poster or no poster, I’m simply me, and I don’t intend to ever present myself as someone I’m not. Anyone who knows me knows I’m pretty laid back and easygoing, and while I’m very serious about my online business, ultra-“professionalism” is just not my bag. I’m not about to put on some pretentious airs and act all “business professional” ‘cos that’s just not me.

Heck, even if I was raking in a zillion bucks yearly? – I doubt I’d change a thing about what I generally do or how I act or present myself in this community. I’d still be just me. I can’t be anybody else.

I prefer that people get to know me pretty much the way I am, and that said, any success I have had in this industry over the last six or seven years has been because people HAVE gotten to know ME, just the way I am. That’s a big part of what we all refer to as “personal branding” in that industry – BEING YOURSELF – and if you can’t be yourself, who else are you gonna be?

And quite often, people that I don’t know very well (or even at all) have told me they feel like they know me from my video pages.

Guess what? They pretty much do, ‘cos those videos are pretty much just me being myself (and occasionally me and Brian).

And that is exactly what you want to do while trying to brand yourself in this industry – people should be able to feel like they know YOU, the REAL you – or at least be pretty familiar with you and how you are.

(And I can pretty much guarantee that if you try to be someone or something you’re not, you’re likely going to fall flat on your face or at least find yourself and your promotions mostly ignored because this community is really good at sensing and spotting fake.)

In any case, I as well as several other Sweeva users patiently tried to explain to the guy who had a problem with the way I presented myself in video why the traffic exchange community is somewhat different from the “bigtime Internet marketing guru” industry, that what works in that arena doesn’t usually work so well in the traffic exchanges, and that the important thing here was that people get to know you and that you be real and be yourself.

He wasn’t having it and basically (as I’m sure every longtime TE user has heard time and time again) said the traffic exchange industry was ridiculous and insisted that “you people” (i.e., us) don’t know anything about making money online, and I reckon just disappeared from TE Land altogether. (When I took a look at the sites he was promoting in Sweeva, it didn’t surprise me much to see some cycler or some such, and one of those “make a million in a month” type sites.)

So yeah, the best advice anyone ever gave me: JUST BE YOURSELF. In the traffic exchange community, it simply WORKS.

(I’d be remiss here in not mentioning a special thanks to my other half, Brian Cullen, today for pulling himself away from Lords of Lothar long enough to remind me that it was my day to blog, since he knows either Sunny or I post on Fridays, heh. And yes, he probably needs an LoL intervention right about now!!!)  🙂




Is It Time To Transform Our Thinking?

Recently a revolutionary Traffic Exchange exploded on to the scene – Lords of Lothar. LOL has combined a role playing game with surfing – what a concept! LOL is not only revolutionary but it is also standard changing. It has forced us to take a different look at the way we view the “traditional” Traffic Exchange. As with anything that “breaks with tradition” LOL has caused some controversy in TE Land. The nature of the controversy is not important. The fact that there IS controversy is the point.

What is wrong with people? Are we supposed to keep our minds trapped in the same old way of thinking year after year, century after century? Of course not! There is a reason the TE Industry is not the same today as it was when the “old school” surfers and owners started out – and that’s a good thing. If a certain group of folks had not transformed the industry a while back with their gamified version of Traffic Exchanges, the TE Industry would most likely not be where it is today.

So what should we do? Well….. I say it’s time once again to transform our way of thinking not only about the Traffic Exchange industry, but the Internet Marketing industry as a whole. It is time for users to transform their expectations of what the industry HAS to offer, and owners to transform their vision of what the industry CAN offer to users.

Users are customers and owners are customers as well. When positive change takes place in the industry it is a win-win situation for all. If you choose not to “jump on the bandwagon” of a particular way of thinking, then don’t! But don’t feel you have to criticize those who do. Simply for the sake of example, if you don’t like the new concept of TE that Lords of Lothar has presented, THEN DON’T SURF THERE! There are those who may not be so excited about role playing games, or may not even like them, but they might see the huge potential of all the new eyes seeing their offers. It reminds me of a comment someone made about my YOBSN Mobile Games business. They said “I would probably consider it, but I don’t play mobile games.” SO WHAT? Who in the HECK said you have to play mobile games in order to profit from those who do play them?

Anyway, I see a lot of stubborn attitudes in the Internet Marketing industry. I have seen those who had strong opinions about what “is not acceptable” be very humbled by the success of those who decide to do just the thing they said is “not acceptable.” For example, there was a guru who once said “never take a picture for an ad or a promotion in a baseball cap.” He was making the point of it being “unprofessional.” Well…. I guess I don’t have to say much to that point. Just ask all those super successful baseball cap wearing folks out there.

Come on people? If it’s not immoral or illegal, is change so terrible?

Thanks for taking the time to read my blah blah blah 🙂

See you next post!

John Brewer

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