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Back to school and LoL

Finally after 1 month waiting for a teacher, my daughter started the school today. And according to the Ministry of Education, this year was the best start ever… If this is the best i don’t want to see the worst! Really, the teachers weren’t putted in schools, in some there were missing 30 to 40 teachers!! And now some students are way behind on the things they were supposed to learn. This is going to be a long and hard year…

This week it was launched LoL (Lords Of Lothar). It’s a new concept in the TE industry and i believe it will bring new persons into it. I must confess that the game isn’t the kind that i like, but i’m willing to give it a try. Up to now i like it and i’ll keep going there to see what will be next in this TE-Game.

2147483647 and Lords

Who knew?  That the CTP teams could max out the software that the team points counter is on?  2147483647 is darn near a mystical number in mathematics, and now has a place in the legends of CTP.

According to Wikipedia 2147483647 is a Mersenne Prime Number, and for much of the 18th and 19th century was thought to be the largest possible prime number.

But wait, there’s more.  2147483647 is also the theoretical maximum of a standard 32 bit processor.  That is the limit that CTP teams SurfAholicsAlpha and Lucky 13 ran into.  The only teams ever over 2 billion CTP XP, we were shown in a (virtual) tie at 2147483647 for over a day.

What to do?  According to Robert Arnold (TERL) it is a simple setting in the database for CTP.  Others have speculated that there is much more to it than that.  Pass the popcorn, I’m waiting to see what happens next:)

In an effort at full disclosure, SAA was much the first to the end of the internet, and scored over 3 billion points for the week.  Yes, they won handily.

Lords of Lothar launches in just about 4 hours.  A new TE and Role Playing Game from the Goettman brothers, Eric and Daniel.  I have been fortunate enough to Alpha test this site, I am hooked.  HOOKED.  I think you will love it too.  Join here.  You will thank me later.  The link won’t work until 12:00 noon EDT…

More and more xp please!

My goodness, I am so happy to find out all they ways that TimTech are providing us with to earn xp. The wheel is one of my favorites. I had saved up spins from the old wheel and won lots of spins on the new wheel of xp. I can’t wait to use them up and get a bunch of extra once I load up a xp battery. Seriously, I am overjoyed.

It’s like they just keep coming up with more amazing ways to make it easier for us surfer’s to log in a surf to find the egg, and the badges. It makes me wonder what is next. What ever it may be I am sure that we will all enjoy collecting them.

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