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Do Nothing.

I use StumbleUpon when I don’t have an immediate idea for a post.. when I came across this one…

Do This.

Did you do it? If not, go back and do it. The world will not end.

Once you’ve done it – how do you feel? If you’re just a little happier, just a little less stressed, thinking just a little more clearly, you’ve done it right.

If you feel worse, then sure, keep doing what you’re doing.

This post will be here when you’re ready.

Lighten Up Frances!

This blog entry came about thanks to Surf Skeleton (owned by the awesome sauce William Miller) chat. While a bunch of us were hunting for CTP eggs for an hour there, a couple of “controversial” traffic exchanges were discussed.

It started with concern about the name of “No Bullshit Traffic”. Yep someone opened a TE with that name. Tip for the owner: Put your name on the home page so I can give you credit for it. (NOTE: New admin as of 11/1/14? WHO!??!!) I also just realized that I am not yet a member of this site, but, thanks to Myra that got taken care of quickly. I’m on board! The concern was the name of the site and someone had reported it multiple times.

Yes, people think outside the box and then some think outside of the room or even the house (so to speak). Whether it be a bit of profanity in the site name or risque pictures, such as those featured by Naughty or Nice TE (also a popular topic of debate — owner is Andre Kryzanowski), there are a wide variety of themes.

As William Miller reminded us last night, When Andre opened N&N, William had to give some “tough love” feedback about some of his advertisements. It was a bit too close to Terms and Conditions-land for Williams taste. Andre made some adjustments to his advertising and off he went. Oh, did you know N&N has CTP badges? (Andre should get XP’s for his badges and join the daily challenge party)

Here’s my take: If you are not sure whether or not to report a site, check the terms and conditions of the site you are surfing. Typically adult themes (nudity) should be reported. Framebreakers — definitely. AND…If it’s NOT a Terms and Conditions violator, LIGHTEN UP FRANCES! Put it in the rear view mirror and move on! One possible exception though….

Here’s a good one (no extra charge). What about a site that has closed? I threw that out to the group last night and got mixed results. A person may be out of the loop of TE-land for whatever reason or simply still have a link in a tracker/rotator for a site that is shut down and simply forgot about it. My take? Report it. It’s a waste of credits and (as a surfer) it’s a waste of my time having to look at it. I’d rather look at sites that are open (novel concept). SO, if you still have Surf Savant or List Build Surf if your tracker/rotator, TAKE IT OUT!


I went back and read some of the post that my Team has written in the last week or so and decided “Dang, they are good”.

Everyone has something profound to say even though they started their post out like this: not knowing what they were going to write about until they started typing.  So I started typing just to see if I could follow their lead.  Guess what….

I make an effort every day to make it to TE Live…  why you ask?  Well, I like to know what is happening in this business I have chosen to be apart of.  I want, to a certain degree,to follow those that, for the majority, know what they are doing.  They have already made a lot of mistakes in this business and I can learn from that.  TE live also makes me laugh, and by 4pm est… I need to laugh..I still have 3 to 4 hours left in my day to surf and take care of business.

Another Avenue I turn to is my Lucky 13 team.  Now if you could be a fly on the wall you would see that this team laughs all the time…  We are Unique… We are Special… We have a chemistry  that is explosive. We Laugh.  We help each other.  Did I mention… WE LAUGH!!?

What would I have done without this energetic team?  Where would I be without their encouragement?

Will I Follow them?  Will I Learn from them?   YOU BET!!

So tell me why are you not a part of something like this?   Why are you not in Kore 4?   Why are you not on a team?

Follow Us… Join Us… Be a Part of Something

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