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So I was monitoring my twitter feed yesterday and lo and behold a couple of the so-called “giants” of the industry were having a discussion back and forth and I found it quite interesting.  The discussion surrounded how many people actually make a real living from traffic exchanges and how though there are few that actually earn a “living” from their TE, it seems that everyone in the industry feels they are an “expert”.  They tossed around the number of owners at maybe 7 that make a living strictly from traffic exchanges, (probably less) yet a lot of people in the industry come across as an “expert” on traffic exchanges. It got me to thinking about what I am doing and how I am approaching my ultimate goal of getting away from the “offline” working world and becoming full time online. 

it is a journey, not a quick fix or an immediate gratification.  One of the more poignant posts at the end of that conversation stated simply that people always say they are in it for the long run,  but if you aren’t willing to put YEARS into your online business then you need to just walk away.  Think about that for a minute, how long have YOU been trying to make an income online?  6 months?  3 months?  have you done what it takes to be dedicated to focus on the big prize and understand that it wont happen overnight?  it wont happen in months, and it may not even happen in five years.  It could take 7 or 10 or even longer.  You have to establish yourself as a leader in the industry by making a name for yourself, building a reputation such that people are willing to do business with you on a regular basis in order for you to make a stable, solid, consistent income that is residual and long term. 

If you feel that by clicking on a few websites, or surfing 10-20 Traffic exchanges per day is going to result in you making what income you need to walk away from your offline job then you are in the wrong business and you will fail…  miserably.  It wont happen, don’t tell me you are “different” and you can do it, and you will prove them all wrong.  Forget it.  the most successful people in this industry are those that have taken years to nurture, build and promote their business to the point that they are a household name.  TimTech, Legacy, Goettman..  THESE are the leaders in the business.  What do they all have in common?  they aren’t focused on ONE program, or ONE traffic exchange, they have their hands in many different streams of income, they have a conglomerate of sites that they all promote, and the owners have taken literally YEARS to build these businesses up to where they are today.  They have all started small, they were all where you and I are today, and they have seen more months where they have put more money into their business than they have gotten out of it and taking a net loss is part of the business, but the reason for this is because they were looking at long term growth, and not looking for a quick buck to grab and go, as so many owners out there have done. 

A lot of owners that are definitely NOT leaders in this business have opened multiple sites over the course of the years, only to get what cash they can and close it down, only to open a new site a month later.  these are people that you need to run from, stay away, don’t give them your money, they will be gone in a month and so will your hard earned cash. 

The ONLY way to really have a stable, recurring income on a monthly basis is to have a program of your own, grow it, put money into it, and promote it to you’re blue in the face, and fall asleep on your keyboard because you have been up for 48 hours making splash pages and mailing list after list.  Build something, make it solid, be persistent and don’t ever give up.  You will fail most of the time, and it wont be all fun an games, but eventually, with the right attitude, and the right approach, looking at the business as a LONG TERM investment it can happen.  If you approach it the right way and know what you have to do, and understand that it is indeed a marathon and not a sprint, eventually you will see all of your hard work pay off. 

Get in the game….  Or Ride the bench…..  the choice is yours…

Scott Wright – “The Sports Nerd”

Know When to Say No

I was hoping to think of something to write about today that would be somewhat inspirational and maybe motivational, or something such. The Lucky 13 has kinda had an up-and-down week this past week, so I was hoping to have come up with something cool by now to scribble here today.

Unfortunately today I feel about as uplifting as an anvil, and about as motivational as a tortoise, sorry to say. But I do have a couple of thoughts to share, and maybe someone else can at least learn something from some of my mistakes.

It seems that usually when I make a mistake of some sort, it’s usually of either the grand and epic kind, the bizarre kind, or a mixture of both. Whatever it is at the time, it’s almost always completely and utterly complicated, and usually there would have been some simple solution to the problem somewhere if I’d just made a slightly different choice.

Right now my general frustration is over my apparent mostly lack of ability to say the word “no”. Oh, trust me, I actually can say no, and do relatively often ( just ask Brian, LOL) – but there are many, many more occasions when I’ve said yes or agreed to something that I knew good and well I probably shouldn’t, for whatever reason.

Usually whatever I’ve agreed to winds up resulting in an extreme lack of sleep and putting me days behind on top of however many days I was already behind to begin with, often is something I wasn’t all that hip on doing or getting involved in in the first place, and sometimes winds up being a literal near-danger to my mental health just because of the train wreck of chaos it causes with so many aspects of my usual daily life.

I’ve pretty much generally perpetually got too much on my plate on a regular basis and am always chasing my tail and it’s tough to find a balance for the day-to-day, much less any extras.

Most of the time I wind up with a perpetual headache from spending days on end holding my breath from trying not to just explode with all the anxiety and angst. (Yeah, I know, there’s a pill for that kinda thing, LOL.)

And the worst part is that, a lot of times, if you force yourself to do something you really kinda wish you had just said “no” to, then you end up not only aggravated and frustrated, but often downright resentful. And that part sucks.

If you’re perpetually doing stuff for others and what everyone else wants you to do, and never or almost never the things you’d really like to do instead and just doing things for yourself in general – well, it’s a vicious cycle, really, and it’s not particularly healthy.

Despite all that, usually I wind up moving forward with whatever anyway, because I want everyone to be happy and don’t want to disappoint anyone. My mother wrote in my baby book that I was more or less like that even when I was a tiny child, so I guess at this point it’s mostly just decades of pure habit.

I’m not very good at reminding myself that one just can’t make everyone happy all the time, and that whatever decisions are made about anything are almost certainly gonna disappoint someone or another. I generally am the Queen of Indecision anyway and have a hard enough time making up my mind about stuff as it is, and generally make everything worse or harder than it ever has to be most of the time.

But I’d probably save myself at least a little bit of the basic hand-wringing and headache, sometimes, if I’d just remember and remind myself that, you know, it really IS okay to say “no” sometimes, and that the world probably isn’t going to end if I do.

Or who knows, maybe it will. But probably not.

In any case, I’m still struggling with the knowing when to say no and when it’s perfectly okay to say yes and go ahead thing – but it probably is a good thing to remind yourself from time to time that it really is alright to say “no” sometimes.

It’s just a tiny two-letter word, yep – but sometimes it could very well save your sanity!




Is Branding the new Currency?

In our Click Track Profit training we learn a lot branding.
Heck, Jon Olson has beaten us upside the head with the topic
at TELive for quite some time now. The question is…. are we listening?

We learn how important it is to get people to Know, Like and Trust us.
This – contrary to what some may believe, involves more than just
slapping a profile picture on a splash page. It’s about who we are and what we represent.
Well, at least that what it should be about.

When we advertise things online we – whether we think so or not, are establishing our
online REPUTATION. The “R” word an important word in Internet Marketing folks.
Let’s take it seriously.

I saw an interesting report on CNN a little while back about branding.

Here is the link to it:

This guy makes some very interesting points. What’s REALLY interesting is that he is not
some kind of “finance guy.” He is an “ad man” as he puts it.

Pay attention to what the “ad man” says about trustworthiness.

He also mentions a very important fact – Brands Stand Or Fall By Their Reputation.
There I go using the “R” word again – lol.

Brand Reputation

He then goes on to say that reputation has now become a currency and that loyalty is now
a Micro-Economy.

Loyalty is a Micro Economy

Now, put your thinking caps on for a minute. Can you think of a kind of new micro-economy that has
been created in TimTech land? Well.. it starts with an “X” and ends with a “P.”

I found the correlation from what the ad dude was saying and what TimTech has been doing lately very
interesting to say the least.

As you take a look at the clip put your Marketing “thinking caps” on.
Have we REALLY been paying full attention to what Jon and Patrick have been trying to
teach us on TELive?

Well…. maybe we should.

Till next time folks!

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