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One surfer’s feedback of the Bigfoot Badge Hunt….

(Disclaimer: These are my thoughts….if I touch a nerve, blame my brain, not me)

So many thoughts swirling in my head….where to begin? How about:

1. Its the second week of the event and many badges haven’t been set up. Why haven’t some of the badge owners done anything with the badges yet? (NOTE: There is one notable and excused exception to this point that I am aware of) If you aren’t planning on starting the badge towards the tail end of the event — FINE. Before the event (or right when the event starts) put a note in there….badge will be available on (whatever date). Hats off to a few folks that are doing this. Thanks for setting a good example for the rest.

2. This is an ongoing issue that has been around as long as these badge hunts have been…..lack of realistic expectations. This is especially true for this hunt because this is the first one since CTP Teams (and the daily challenge) came on board. HELLO!!????!??!?!? Please keep this in mind next time around.

3. Lack of flexibility….I’m no Monty Hall (it appears). For the younger generation who is saying “Who?”, he hosted a game show called Lets Make a Deal. If someone goes outside the box and makes an offer for the badge, please work with them. Don’t just shoot them down. Make reasonable counteroffers.

4. Show me the money….DO NOT ask for cash for a badge. Period. That is NOT the purpose of the hunt. If you think it is, you need to reshape how you approach these type of events. I may be in the minority but I take great offense with this.

Lots of thoughts as you can see. I’d love to hear yours. Agree? Disagree? Whatever. Please leave a comment.

Life, Work, Offline

LIVE  Just Breathe…. Take that extra time for yourself and breathe.  Step        back away from the computer, grab that cup of Java, or hot cocoa in my case, and breathe… Yes you have a deadline or maybe… YOU JUST HAVE TO FINISH THIS… but if you don’t step back and breathe then it was way to stressful and maybe not worth it.

LOVE  There are a lot of people that go to work everyday and just hate what they are doing.  Why?  It’s a Job is the answer I get.  I loved my offline job for 25 years and then the next 2 were a struggle.  I retired.  I did not like my job anymore.  I was in a position to leave, so I did…. step back and LOVE what you are doing.  Make Changes if you can.

LAUGH  We laugh everyday at Lucky 13.  We kid with each other and we have learned a lot about each other…  AND we do stuff like this….

Good Luck with the Badge Hunt



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