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Breaking the Mold

In our quest to earn an income online have we ever asked ourselves the all important question ‘why am I doing this?’ Also, are we doing things the same way as everyone else?

These might seem like strange questions to you at first glance, but give them a bit of thought.

I know marketers who never upgrade at programs/services that require a monthly payment. Which makes me ask the question ‘why are they into Internet Marketing?’ I guess they never asked themselves the first question. How do we ever expect to be successful at anything online if we are not willing to commit money as well as time? Sure we should be careful about what we spend our money on and why, but how in the world can a business be successful if we don’t invest any money in in?

Maybe those folks see all those other marketers online who seem to be promoting one thing after the other with the hopes of ‘striking it rich’ with something – better known as “slot machine marketing.” They have “cast” themselves into a mold in which they are not willing to break. Are you (and I) doing the same thing? Food for thought isn’t it?

Many of us may be able to answer that question very quickly and run through a split second review of their online business in their heads. That’s a good thing. But some of us need to “chew” on that food for thought a while – 🙂

Also, even if we have a pretty good idea about what we want to do to try to make a buck or two online, then we must remember that we can’t expect to achieve a high level of success if we are just imitating what others do. While it is OK to follow the good example of other marketers who seem to be doing pretty well we have to remember to put our own “flare” to things.

I admit it is not always easy to move out of our “comfort zones,” but that is exactly what is necessary if we want true success. We have to be willing to “break the mold” by doing the same old things in an entirely different way. All-of-a-sudden that “same old thing” will be something new!

Cool stuff huh? I think so. The trick for me is getting it from the “thinking” stage to the “doing” stage. Well, as long as I keep surrounding myself with such highly motivated and very talented people like the folks on Team Lucky 13, then sooner or later I will get my act together. At the very least our motley crew at Lucky 13 really keep me motivated – even if they don’t realize it. I also have to give a big shout out to Jon Olson, who’s voice is always in the back of my Internet Marketing head urging me to stick with it.

This blog post was inspired by an article I read online:

These Guys Made a T-Shirt. Now Silicon Valley Is Giving Them Millions

Thank you once again for listening with your eyes to my blah blah blah 🙂

Until next post. GO LUCKY 13!!

(it was either here or jail 🙂 🙂 )

Some time off

It’s my time again… and i’m late!

Last week, my performance was really bad (sorry for that team). If i’m not mistaken, i only completed 2 DC last week when the usual is to finish all! I wasn’t in the mood to go to TE land and decided only to do a few things there.

I realized that i needed some time off and do other stuff (not related to TE), like play Call Of Duty from the beginning! 🙂 and look for a new pet for my home: “porco da india” (don’t know the name in English)

This week i returned to the normal status. Surf till i fall asleep (it happened yesterday… again) 🙂

Like Elina told me: “We all need some time off”

To finish, remember to have some time off… there’s a life out of TE land also!

Go Lucky 13

Don’t forget to collect your rewards.

Hello everyone, I hope that  you have had a wonderful week. I am so glad to say that since my last posting, I have settled in and everything in my little world is back to normal. Living with the in laws is proving not to be as uncomfortable as I had anticipated.  I wanted to talk to you today about why we all choose to log into a certain TE everyday. Most of us that are members of CTP, will make the decisions based on the daily challenges, vault key sites and so on, but what about the other sites. I myself for a while had been looking over a very important factor, surfer rewards. It has been only within the past month that I even clicked that tab on the home page of most TE’s. I was ready to kick myself when I saw that many of the sites that I surf everyday anyway offer cash for surfing a certain amount of pages. Now most of you are probably saying to yourself, duh. But I really didn’t think to check out all the tabs on a home page. Once I add my sites and set auto assign, I’m done. I don’t go back to explore the other tabs or I used not to. Now I am all over it.

One thing that I have noticed is that all sites do not offer surfer rewards or if they do it is a penny for surfer 1000 pages. Now I don’t know about you but that doesn’t seem like a fair exchange to me. What I have found to work best for me is to see how much the reward is compared to the upgrade amount. If they will offer me .10 to surf 500 pages a day and the upgrade is only $2.50 – $4 a month to me this is a good deal especially if they offer a 3 second timer and are affiliated with CTP. But you have to remember to claim your rewards, they will not remind you. One of my favorite sites to surf daily is Traffic Pharaoh. Once you hit 500 you need to claim your .10 because if you don’t and you surf to 1000 the .10 is no longer an option to claim.

If you take the time to look on the home page to see what type of reward is offered you can better determine which sites are worth you spending time promoting and viewing ads. I hope that you all enjoy your weekend. Happy Surfing.


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