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Go Read Stephen’s post!

I absolutely love what Stephen has come up with in this post.

I can’t wait to find out who’s who!

Go take the challenge for yourself – you could be in the running for 10k StartXchange credits AND 10k CTP XP!

Want to win 10,000 Startxchange Credits? Here’s how.

This contest will run from 8 AM ET Thursday until 10 AM Saturday ET (or until we have a winner, whichever happens first).

Here is the full list of Lucky 13 team members:

TO ENTER: Reply to this blog entry, put your name and Startxchange ID followed by the answers using the same numbering as below.

First entry with ALL answer correct wins the 10,000 Startxchange credits!

Good luck!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Lynn M and Brian Cullen are listed together on CTP, but each submitted a fact. 18 facts were submitted by 17 of the listed 25 members.

(1) This Lucky 13 member is the author of “The Art and Science of Motorcycle Touring”.

(2) This Lucky 13 member is an English teacher who lives in Germany and likes Star Wars.

(3) This Lucky 13 member used to have a cat named Booger.

(4) This Lucky 13 member plays the guitar, has 3 books full of self-written songs, and dreams of being a rock star.

(5) This Lucky 13 member still plays with his first ever computer (a Commodore 64) but has only shaved off his beard twice in his life.

(6) This Lucky 13 member served 24 years active duty with the US Air Force.

(7) This Lucky 13 member likes to have a bowl of mixed cheesy scrambled eggs, crumbled bacon and grits (with toast) for breakfast.

(8) This Lucky 13 member is a descendant of both Martha Washington and William the Conqueror.

(9) This Lucky 13 member got the chicken pox at the age of 14 during a Black Friday shopping trip in Atlanta, Georgia.

(10) This Lucky 13 member was told by a doctor (after breaking an arm) that he/she could never play the violin.

(11) This Lucky 13 member now lives on the very hill that her husband proposed to her on.

(12) This Lucky 13 member is a 37 year old proud parent of a 21 year old son.

(13) This Lucky 13 member played trumpet for 11 years.

(14) This Lucky 13 member grew up in Chicago and collects stamps.

(15) This Lucky 13 member didn’t have his/her drivers license until he/she was 19.

(16) This Lucky 13 member has been working as a makeup artist at city theater.

(17) This Lucky 13 member beat Bubba Watson in a 2 day golf tournament in Ft. Walton Beach.

(18) This Lucky 13 member has been declared legally blind can but still see in one eye — sees things in a different way.

I’m Late….. Yikes

So Sorry to be so late.  Thought about this at 2am but when I woke up at 7am it totally left my brain…  Yikes

Well here goes.

When is it time to put up the Holiday ads?   That was a question that we pondered at Lucky 13.   I got upset that one of my team mates had Santa riding across her new splashes November 1st… YIKES… what happened to the Thanksgiving?  And then….

Well,  we are in the advertising business and you have to ask yourself,  when should I start with Holiday Advertisements?   Tom Walker then did a spreecast and shed some light on it for me. He said,”that if Walmart, Kmart, Lowes, and all the rest were going to start advertising on Nov. 1st so should we.”  You see Thanksgiving is a U.S. Holiday but Everyone, in some way or another, celebrates Christmas.  We are in the advertising business and advertising is International.

Being in the U.S.  I still had trouble with this so I listened to yet another team member, Janelle, who said,” Out of respect to the Veterans we should not Holiday advertise until after Nov. 11th.”    OK….  I can deal with that.  That sounded like a great idea, compromise.

This isn’t finished yet…  I need a great picture of myself to put on  here but I thought I’d share..

Look Luck to everyone


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