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Everything I need to know I learned on Monday

Or not.  Here it is my turn again, and I am pretty unprepared.

It is Monday, and the US Marine Corps Birthday to boot.  Happy Birthday Marines.

Another week, and the Lucky 13 took second to the SurfAholicsAlpha again.  You’d think they’d get tired of whipping on us and take a week off,  but you’d be wrong.  It’s a thing we have in common, that extreme drive and desire.  Because the absolute truth of the whole deal is that you’d think the Lucky 13 would get discouraged with the huge string of almost.

But we do not.  Not in the slightest.  Our skype room is upbeat and pleasant.  You see, we are the personal responsibility team.  We don’t have, have never had minimum standards or requirements.  Our rule #1 is simple.  “Give your best every week.”  And so we do.  Each and every one of us.

This team is a marvel.  I am incredibly lucky to be affiliated with such a group.  HooRah!

I’ve worked 100% from home for over a decade now, whether I was working as a telecommuting employee for others or an independent contractor, or (pretty much 100% for the last couple of years) for myself. If you’ve ever spent the majority of your work time working from a home office, you’ve probably already figured out that while there are plenty of advantages to working at home, there’s also some very definite disadvantages as well.

One disadvantage in fact, while very minor, comes to mind as I type this right now – if you happen to share a home with someone else, sometimes you have to compromise and work around their schedule, or their habits.

Such is the case for me right this minute – I need to get this blog post typed and posted, but it just so happens it’s (A) very late at night, and (B) I have a preference for, and am typing on, a pretty loudly-clicking keyboard. I like my keyboards clicky, I dunno why.

Why does any of this matter? Well, it also just so happens that my significant other/slash/surf slave, Brian Cullen, is currently taking a break from his Lords of Lothar addiction to (what a concept, I know) sleep… and further, my office is adjacent to the room in our house where he’s sleeping.

It seems like every time I’m trying to write a blog post or do anything that requires a lot of typing, it winds up waking him up, and then I feel bad about it. I’m trying to be quiet right now (and so far he hasn’t budged yet), but it’s somewhat difficult.

Absolutely that’s a very, very minor disadvantage (and truth be told, if it wakes him up it doesn’t matter that much, since he hasn’t got to get up in the morning) – but still, while a little and minor one, that’s just one example of the disadvantages there can be at times.

Sometimes you have to compromise, and there are often times I might have gotten some blog posts written or other typing-intensive stuff done late at night if I wasn’t trying hard not to wake the other person in this household up.

(Or I suppose I could get myself a quieter keyboard… but then that would drive me crazy. I don’t know exactly why I acquired the clicky keyboard preference, but it just is so.)

Another disadvantage to working solely from home that came to mind, while I was pondering the issue, was this – if for whatever reason you’d rather be working elsewhere, there’s nowhere else to go.

I’m thinking specifically of a time in particular when we had a terrible ice storm where I was living a little over 20 years ago, and my power and heat (and of course my computer) were out for an excruciating TWELVE DAYS.

If I hadn’t been working a traditional job at the time, and had an office elsewhere to go to and get away from the freezing cold (and have electricity where I could dry my hair and other such, and have hot coffee in the morning). It would have been miserable stuck trying to get work done from home under those conditions.

I was so glad to get out of that cold freezing house every morning. It was probably the ONLY time in my life I’ve been happy to get up in the mornings. I never have been, and never will be, a morning person.

Granted, the Internet as we know it today just barely existed at the time so there wasn’t that horror, but I had a hobby and was pretty involved in being a sysop (system operator) of a local BBS, i.e., bulletin board system, at the time, which basically what we computer geeks had before there was “the Internet”, and it about killed me even then to be without power and a computer for that long. There was no Wi-Fi everywhere or Starbucks on every other corner yet, so I had no choice but to do without.

And now it appears my significant other is indeed awake, although that’s really our dogs’ fault rather than me and my clicky keyboard. Between a brief growling match between the boy dogs and then one of them deciding to go drink some water in the kitchen (none of them know how to lap up water quietly), there was little chance Brian was going to get to stay asleep peacefully through the night.

Ah, well. At least it wasn’t my clicky keyboard this time.

Subject Lines

Yes, Subject Lines.

Why this topic you say? Well…… they are getting on my nerves.

No, I don’t mean the very creative Subject Lines that encourage you to open and/or pay attention to an email, I mean those other ones….

….. the ones that marketers know they should not be using but use anyway like:
Your Payment
Account Information
and a host of other ones that I often see as I do my Safelist marketing.

Why do marketers do this? Is no one paying attention to what works and what doesn’t, or what is allowed and what is not when it comes to the Internet Marketing Industry?

I guess it’s the same as some of the splash and other pages you see while surfing TEs.
It’s amazing the canned stuff some people advertise thinking that they are a serious marketer.

This is not a very exciting post. Just blowing off some steam I guess.

Way to much craziness going on in my offline life at the moment to really concentrate.

What are some of the subject lines that you hate?

What do you think we should do about them?

Let me know what ya think!

See you next post!

John Brewer

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