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Keep your focus

Last 2-3 weeks were a bit hard for me. Lots of stuff to think (offline job) and plans to the future (online stuff). This resulted on the lost of my focus on my online stuff, and some commitments i had were just forgotten.

So i decided to reorganize my head (again): starting with my offline stuff and then my online suff.
My offline stuff, some members of Lucky 13 know what’s happening…. will i die stupid at work (90% of the days i don’t have nothing to do) or start searching for a new one? My teammates come o my rescue:
a) Sunny, told me about ODesk and i decide to take a change and signed up there (still need to make some more stuff there to complete my profile).
b) Elina asked me if i couldn’t search for a new one while i’m in the office. I can, but i would not be looking with my all attention and probably would pass some.

I’m waiting for an answer from a company that need some people that programm in COBOL (yes it is still used in many banks and insurance companys).


My online stuff, i was doing some things wrong (in my opinion). So i decided to make a list of the stuff i need to do online (some of them are still to be implemented).

1) Finish DC and help Lucky 13;

2) Do some vaults and sub-games (if possible);

3) Do the other TE (i wrote a list with the objectives to do in each one). I must say that the list still need some cuts, cause i can’t surf more than 2-3 hours fully focused.

With this list, i will try to get my focus again on the stuff that were lost.

So, if you want to get results on something, you should keep your focus. Make plans of stuff that you can do.

Go Lucky 13

What Time is it REALLY?

I live in a really sensible part of the world.  Arizona does not change to daylight savings time.  Most of the world has changed one way or another in the past 3 weeks, and I always have a really hard time figuring out what time it is where ever you are.

So.  If you go to daylight savings time in the spring, why don’t you call it daylight losing time in the fall?

Does any actual sentient creature really believe that you add daylight?

Why do you need to bbq at 9:00 pm anyway?  Eat earlier, you will sleep much better.

This really should have been a post about the week that the Lucky 13 had, and truth be told, we had a pretty darn good week.  But we weren’t even in the same zip code as the SurfAholics Alpha team, and I don’t want to talk about it.  You want to talk about it?  Contact Sunny, she will be happy to schedule you for this hallowed spot….

OK.  This is actually serious.  Tomorrow, November 3, 2014 is mid term elections day in the US.  You REALLY need to go vote.  Really, it is important.  Seth Godin thinks so too.

I will do a spreecast today.  At the time you are used to, 3:00 pm EST.  It’s WAY easier for me to change…

Go Lucky 13.

Get your s**t together.

So, I guess if you are reading this post you might be wondering what I’m trying to say, or maybe you have heard it said and maybe even said it to someone else. I really need to get my s**t together when it come to Traffic Exchanges and making it work for me.

I have known for sometime that we (my family) were going to be moving. At first the plan was to go back to Knoxville, Tn. That made me so happy. I miss that city like you wouldn’t believe. Well that plan didn’t pan out. So we decided to move to Nebo, North Carolina. We don’t know anyone there but the town seemed quite quaint. Well, that plan also fell through. So as a last resort we moved in with my in-laws here in the city of Hampton because we allowed our lease to expire and didn’t plan ahead, not that this plan would have worked either.

During all of the ciaos, I allowed some of my most valuable upgrades expire, I just forgot that the payments were coming up and didn’t deposit any money to PayPal. I should have made sure that the bank account that I use as a back up for payments had the funds in it as well, but I did not so now I lost the special upgraded price and my benefits. I should have properly planned for all of thesse things. I’ts not like the upgrades expired at an odd day of the month, nope just the last day.

I hope that this will teach me a lesson and that when I value something… I won’t allow it to expire.

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