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Action Takers = Winners!

My little program that I started earlier this year in February, Win 10 With Lynn, is approaching a couple of milestones – one being, of course, it’s one-year anniversary in a couple of months, and another being something I will hopefully get a chance to talk about later today over yonder on the W10WL blog.

That said and on the same subject, it never ceases to amaze me how many people don’t take the time to enter for the Daily Prizes that I give away on Twitter every day. 30 seconds or less, really, is about all it requires. I give away an average of 6000 to 7000 credits weekly via Twitter, and sometimes other free advertising like login spotlight ads and startpages.

Yet only a small percentage of the thousands of surfers out there bother to take the time to enter for the prizes. All the while, while they’re presumably surfing their hearts out to earn credits.

It further amazes me that a rather large number of people Tweet those same prize pages daily while they’re surfing, but don’t enter. Probably 75% or more of the people who regularly Tweet those pages would have won at least once by now (and probably a lot more than once) had they taken an extra 30 seconds to enter for the prize while they Tweeted the page, but sadly, no.

I do appreciate the publicity from the Tweets, certainly. But those are so many lost opportunities to take a few extra seconds to maybe win for themselves!

There is a group of folks who generally enter for the Twitter prize every day without fail, and some more that enter most days or at least several days a week, and then I usually see a few brand new entrants weekly.

But the average number of entrants overall is surprisingly small compared to the thousands of people we have surfing in the traffic exchanges… most of whom you would assume are surfing to try to earn as many credits as they can, but never take the opportunity to grab 1000 credits for free. Go figure.

We talk about failure to take action a lot in the traffic exchange community, and this really is just yet another example of lack of action-taking. If you take action, you usually get results – just like the folks who do take a minute to enter for my Daily Prize often wind up with 1000 extra credits somewhere.

(And even if they don’t win that day’s Daily Prize, I give away even more credits and banners weekly in a second drawing among everyone who entered for the Daily Prize that week.)

And those that DON’T take action don’t get much in the way of results. Just like the many folks who don’t bother to enter for the W10WL Daily Prize, and miss out on the chance to win stuff.

It’s really kind of shocking just how many people won’t take action on anything that might better their business efforts – whether it’s something small, like taking a few seconds to enter a contest like mine that could net them a lot of free advertising, or even something much bigger that could bring on huge results and huge financial gains.

But that’s kind of a continuing undercurrent in much of the TE community – lack of taking action. It’s kinda sad and a shame for those who don’t, but certainly it leaves more for those who take the time and make the time, and opens up more opportunities for those who DO take action.

In any case, next time you run across one of my Daily Prize pages while you’re surfing, I strongly encourage you to take a handful of seconds to Tweet and enter. You can’t win anything if you don’t take action and enter, and that 1000 credits prize or that all-day-long login spotlight will go to someone else who did take action. The winner could be you, so give it a shot!


Figuring It All Out

Hello there all. Time for some more blah blah blah 🙂

Sorry this post is a bit late. I was too tired to write it last night and just got back from teaching. I have to leave again later so I am writing this between classes. Lately I have been playing catch up. I have (fortunately) been so busy with teaching English that I have fallen behind in my Internet Marketing stuff.

Something that our fearless Lucky 13 leader Tom Wacker mentioned something in a post on his blog Tom Wacker dot com that got me thinking a bit. The title of the post is Motive. He wrote:

“If you have to motivate yourself to do what ever it is that is in front of you, I suggest that you try something different. You obviously aren’t in love with what you do or the way you do it. Change something.”

That got me to thinking even more about what I do online and why I do it. Lately I have not been very motivated for a number of reasons – very busy with my offline job and not being able to figure out why my Internet Marketing stuff doesn’t seem to be working.

Before I even read Tom’s post I started to ‘Change something.’ I started figuring out why my promotion of the YOBSN Mobile Game business has not been going well. Once I read Tom’s post I realized that at least I was moving in the right direction. His post also rekindled my motivation for doing what I do online.

I know that I love doing what I do. I also know that I will be successful eventually. I have laid a good foundation over the years and thanks to applying what I have been learning at Click Track Profit I am starting to build on that motivation.

My problem sometimes is figuring out if the way I am doing what I do is correct. Now that my finances have been totally lacking lately due to matters other than Internet Marketing I have to be very careful how I spend the little money that I have available. “Do I renew my subscription to this?” “Do I stop my subscription to that?”

My latest question was “Do I purchase Landing Page Monkey?” By the way, I started wondering about it last week when I happened to come across it – BEFORE the TimTech guys started promoting it. I asked someone who’s opinion I value very highly what they think about it and they told me.

After some thought I decided to give it a try – spending money that I could have used to renew something else. It took me a few days to actually sit down and try it out, but eventually I did. Yesterday I started hearing some negative thoughts about it. Then I thought to myself ‘Darn! Another bad decision.’ Then all-of-a-sudden I saw TimTech starting to promote it. So I said to myself ‘So maybe my choice was not so bad after-all.’ Well, time will tell.

That is just a glimpse of what I go through in trying to figure out if how I am doing what I do is correct – trying to figure it all out. Tom’s blog post reminded me of the fact that if I am not motivated about what I am doing, then I need to change something. I concluded that I need to continue tweaking my ads, and I most certainly need to promote more.

Well, here is a page I made with Landing Page Monkey I have made a few more as well. As I said before – time will tell. I believe I have a good product with YOBSN, so I will stick with it.

Are you motivated or are you simply trying to make money online? There’s a difference you know.

Thanks for reading my blah blah blah once again.

Please don’t hate me because I belong to such a cool CTP Team as Lucky 13! 🙂

Take care!

John L. Brewer

My Wishes

Christmas is fast approaching as this December disappears. Did you know that there are only 15 more days before the big event? Did you know that there was only 22 days left in this year? My Christmas list for this year…..

Continue to be apart of Lucky 13

Get more Referrals…( It is starting to happen)

Get a schedule down that will stick for the most part

Chat a little more in the TEs

Get More Referrals

Use my own personal Blog to better my business

Use Twitter to better my business

Learn how to edit a You Tube Video

Get More Referrals

Build my list

Build my Downline

GET K4 Referrals… lol

And I could go on and on but I won’t bore you.  Speaking of downline building

If you go to my blog here….

you will find a few of my favorites.  If you are not a member,  Sign Up for heaven sake.

Now go get your Shopping Done while staying on your Schedule.


Twitter….  #countryfarmchik

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