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Happy 4th Anniversary TImtech!

I figured Timtech would appreciate hearing from a long-time customer on the event of their 4th anniversary which occurred earlier this week. I’ve actually been a customer of the Timtech sites since 2009, when I was introduced to traffic exchanges when working for Worldprofit (yes, I was one of those monitors you see on the websites — it was actually pretty fun, but unfortunately not profitable).

One of the first TE’s I was exposed to was Startxchange, owned and operated back then by Tim Linden, the original Timtech himself. I got hooked up with Team Clean Living and have been surfing there ever since. I Love Hits (owned/operated then by Jon Olson) soon found its way into my life complete with Henry Hours and (eventually) Bracket Surfing. Later on, a former TE Live host named John Guanzon (aka Q-zon — ask Olson about that sometime) launched a new TE called Thumbvu. I wound up beta-testing Thumbvu twice. Once when Q-zon started it and again when Timtech took it over and gave it an overhaul into the site we know and love today.

Back then, I was a CTP badge finding maniac….a fixture one of the top 2-3 badge finders on CTP. Oh, did you know that CTP shows the the current top 25 badge finders? Check this out!

These days, other priorities have taken over my life and my badge hunting OCD has gone by the wayside (well, sort of). As you see on the site above, I’m entirely out of the top 25 now. A good thing from my viewpoint because that means a new batch of CTP badgeaholics have taken over for me. I’ll still get some CTP badges, but not the OCD amount that these new hard core hunters find every day. They can have ’em!


Good Wednesday to you all.  Yesterday.  Wow what a day that was.

Yesterday turned out to be useful to me because I was lucky toward the end of my day, but I will never do it again.

Yesterday I spent about 4hrs of my day, if not more… will have to check with Boris, surfing one site and only getting in 250 credits.  Out of the sites I surfed I have to say that at least half were for the site itself.  Now, In My Humble Opinion, Someone needs to seriously look at how they are doing business.  This was not quality time.

Yesterday I was one lucky girl as when I hit that 250 I was at TE Live.  I told everyone there and Jon was so impressed that he is sending me a free book.  So my surfing paid off.

Yesterday we had a true team spirit going.  I was not the only one on the team to hit 250.  There were about 4 more and one of us even hit 500.  Now, there is dedication to the team.  It’s not all about winning but how you play the game and having fun.

Yesterday I gained a new respect for those TEs that have a 5 sec. or more timer.  They are really fast compared to 20sec plus type in a code, plus hit the next button.  WOW!!!!

Yesterday will never happen again.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and don’t forget to have fun.

Lucky 13….  YOU ROCK!!!!!


Jean Kopinski


Monday Morning Wrap Up

Hey ya! Good Monday to you all!

Another big week for CTP Teams in general and the Lucky 13 specifically.

We have a too! Lucky 13 Too was formed this last week, under the leadership of John Brewer. It looks like a big winner to me, as it is more of an extension team than it is a competitor. Members of Too have full access to the original team, and are part of the team. I like the idea that I might need a week off at some point and can take it on the Too rather than just hurt the L13 with my lack of participation. It’s a great safety net.

Not that Too isn’t showing it’s competitive edge. With less than a full week 3 members finished in the top 25. That sort of progress certainly indicates that this team will be a player in the near future. It’s just a winner any way you look at it.

One more thing about the Too. It is currently stocked with former members of L13 that needed a slow down. WINNER!

If you have any wish to join under the Lucky 13 umbrella, contact John Brewer. It really is the best team going!

Here is the weekly surprise: The SurfAholicAlpha team won. From their own zip code they were so far ahead. Uber Surfers were next, also in a separate zip. Lucky 13 also occupied their own zip code in third place. The net difference between 1st and 2nd and between 2nd and 3rd was remarkably similar with about the same difference to the 4th place Renegades.

In other news, the Kore 4 team disbanded. The explanation given for the fold was shaky at best.

And, Matt Badura stepped down as leader of the SAA, passing the reins to Terry Allison. Of all people, I may have been the least surprised. I get it:)

Should be an interesting week. Enjoy it!

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