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Fear….Part II

This is part II of my long-winded..  full of self loathing, self deprecating, “oh have pity on me”  post about how fear has taken control of my life and how it has impeded me from moving forward in my online business ventures..  if you missed part I, please move on over to my personal blog The Sports Nerd and read that first.  It is definitely a bit long winded, but I am told it is worth a gander and it may make you look at your life and how you approach your business in relation to how fear affects what you do.

I explained in the previous post that fear is preventing me from moving forward, and how it has controlled what I do or don’t do when I am online.  But what I did not mention in that previous post is that I am a pretty happy person, I am happy where I am at in my life as far as home, work, and personal, but there are things I wish were better, and that is financially. 

We all want to do better at making money, we all want to increase our disposable income because we don’t want to have to struggle to pay the bills, we want nice things, we want more freedom, and yes, we want to be rich…

What most don’t understand is that in order to get where you want to be financially is the extremely hard work it takes to get there.  Eric Goettman has several programs in his stable, as do the Legacy Trio, TimTech, and others.  But what most don’t understand is none of them have had anything just handed to them, they worked, and they worked a long time to get where they are.  Some are Full time online, some are not, but one thing is very clear.  they all worked as hard if not harder than anyone would work in an offline business or job, mostly harder, because t takes time, long hours and lots of patience to grow an online business.  Jon Olson has been doing this over 17 years now and he has said that the fear of failing keeps him going, keeps him moving forward, wanting to do better each and every day.  They all know that if they don’t nurture and tend to their respective businesses on a daily basis it can al be gone tomorrow.

So for those that think it is magic and that if you do nothing but enroll in several different programs, sign a few people up, then the money will just start flowing right into your pockets and all will be good in the world.  Sorry folks, it’s not going to happen.  The people that are most successful in this business are the ones that show up on a daily basis  and do the things they need to do to be successful.

There is no room for entitlement, there is no whining, and most of all, if you are not ethical in the way that you run your business and treat your customers, the members of this community will be quick to call you out and make sure that people know not to do business with you.  It takes long hours, you will lose sleep, you will be tired, frustrated, and you will fail at times.  No one is perfect and mistakes will be made.  I am beating a dead horse here to most of you I know, because most of you get it, but for the few that are reading this and are new to the industry you have to have the mindset that you wont be able to quit your day job tomorrow, in a week, a month or even a year.  It will take YEARS of hard work and determination to get there, and even then, very few will get there because most will either give up, or they wont do what it takes.

So on that note, here is my promise to me, Scott Wright, The Sports Nerd, that as of right now…  I am all in.  If I am not at my offline job, all the other waking hours I am determined, I am dedicated, and I am focused on succeeding.  I will do whatever it takes, learn whatever I need to do, and above all…  I am going to win.  I have two blogs, I have a core membership site in place…  and I will use those venues to begin and focus my journey to be Full time on line so I can quit working for someone else.  I don’t know how, I don’t know when, and I am most certainly not putting a time table or a goal to get there.  I’m gonna take it one day at a time..  show up every day…  and as Jon puts it..  +1 every day. 

There it is. in writing..  and this is why I posted to the Lucky 13 blog..  because it will get more eyes on it than my blog..  I am tired of being scared.  I am tired of letting the fear of failure or the unknown determine where I am going in this industry.  I’m jumping in with both feet…  and although I know I will probably have to work for someone else for possibly a few more years, it wont deter me from my goal.

What are you going to do?

Scott Wright “The Sports Nerd”


Friday Wrap-Up, With a New Twist

So it’s Friday once again, and the CTP Teams competitive week is almost over. It’s been a little bit of a frustrating week for our team collectively on many levels, but there’s some light at the end of the tunnel and I think we are all very much looking forward to the coming new week.

Lucky 13 made some major changes this past week with some things we have never done before, and with still some other changes probably to come – most of which we really never thought we’d have a need to do, but it was becoming more and more obvious we needed to make some changes in order to continue to compete.

So, we borrowed a page from the book of (and a tip of the hat to) the Alphas, and started our own “B” team – Lucky 13 Too – for our members who needed to slow down and take a break, or that didn’t have a lot of time to devote to the DC and promos and such, but still wanted to remain a part of the team as a whole.

Many thanks to our teammate John Brewer for enthusiastically and so graciously accepting the job as leader for the Too team – I know he’ll do a super job. Yay!

And this week we welcomed two new members to the team: Dave Mitchell and Thomas Smitherman. We are thrilled they’ve come aboard the Lucky 13 train and are joining us on this crazy journey through CTP Teams land!

With all the new changes and some more potentially to come, I think we are all really looking forward to the new week and the rest of the current season now that we’re infused with a little new blood and what’s turning out to be already be a rockin’ Too team alongside our “A” team.

Lucky 13 has taken some lumps since the beginning of the new season and I know we’ve had some really frustrating days, but I predict that next week will feel like a whole new ballgame for us all, with new life breathed collectively into the Lucky 13.

So teammates, let’s all do what we do best and have always done most excellently and move forward from here. Best of luck to all the teams in the coming new week, of course… but, as always… you know the drill…  GO LUCKY 13! 🙂


“Efforts and Investments”

Hello folks,

As I was doing my Internet marketing thing the other day I signed up for Marian Gurowicz’s new list for Living Wealthy. When you sing up for the list you get some pretty cool free stuff, and one of the things was a PDF which mentioned the words ‘Efforts and Investments.’ That little statement is extremely powerful. Why do I say that you ask? Well, how much junk do you see being pushed in the industry today that continues to push the age old myth of “do nothing and profit big online?” It’s high time that the responsible Internet Marketing entrepreneurs out there start pushing hard to bust that myth.

If you are not willing to invest time and money into your online venture then you might as well stop doing it right now! It’s one thing doing free stuff until you can scrape up the funds to start investing in things that are going to help you earn some money online, but it’s another thing all together if you think that by participating in only FREE or ONE TIME PAYMENT or MICRO INVESTMENT programs that you are going to be able to start rolling in piles of cash in a matter of weeks if not days.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some darn good FREE or ONE TIME PAYMENT or MICRO INVESTMENT programs out there, but they are the exception rather than the rule. If you want to truly profit online then you need to be ready to spend some money and some time. This might tick off some of you cheap blankety blank folks out there, but what the heck – you’ve been ticked off before and will most certainly be ticked off again.

Many of you who read this blog post already know this. It’s nothing new. The problem is that there are not enough marketers out there saying it. And the ones out there saying it (yes, theses days we are allowed to start a sentence with the word ‘and’) are being drowned out by the other marketers pushing all that bull crap that tries to tell people just the opposite. I wish I would have listened to the smart responsible marketers when I had the bucks to invest in some things. Now I am pretty much broke and am trying to build on the foundation that I have developed over the few years of finally starting to do things right (Thank you soooooo much Jon Olson and Click Track Profit!). I will get there – I KNOW I will, it will just take me a bit longer.

So… I have joined the rank of the “2015 Ranters” and have spoken my mind about this subject (well… just a little – Lol). If you are reading this and happen to be just starting out online then please listen to not only what I am saying, but also what other responsible Internet Marketers out there are saying. If you have been at this awhile and have not yet managed to obtain the success that you desire – then please re-examine what you are doing and try to do it better. Surround yourself with people in the Internet Marketing Community who know what they are talking about – not because they are wealthy (because many successful marketers are not necessarily sitting on piles of cash), but because they have “been there, done that and are still doing it AFTER YEARS OF TRIAL AND ERROR and LEARNING FROM THEIR MISTAKES!!

So get out there and stop simply trying to “sell stuff” and start networking with folks! A great Place to start is CTP Teams!

Thanks for tuning in to my blah blah blah folks – keep it real!!

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