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Good Monday to you.  Not just any good Monday, it is NEW SEASON good Monday!

I am so excited for the new season, I can barely stand it.  Lets be honest.  Roughly 60 CTP teams would love to have finished up season 1 where we did, 2nd overall.  I think we have work left to do, and I think we have THE team positioned to do that work.

Lynn has slid into the control chair smoothly and seamlessly.  I knew she would.  Long live the Queen!

Lucky 13 absolutely proved that they are a super capable marathon team.  This is a much shorter race, and I think this team will be even better at this distance.

To the SAAs:  Winning is hard.  Defending is harder.

To the rest of the pack:  You will NOT go by us easily.  Not for a day, not for a week, not for a month, not for the season.

I’m just sayin’

Ahhh… so it’s a brand new year, here with us being now two days into it. For the Lucky 13, it’s not only a new year, but a whole new team season about to be upon us starting next week… and with a new team leader in the form of yours truly.

I’m also getting two new tires on my car right now as I type, which is a whole different and somewhat icky story… but I digress.

Many years ago now, when there was such a thing as TE Teams (which basically led more or less to ClickTrackProfit and later on the CTP Teams), I was the leader of one of the top two or three teams there, a very successful team in the competition with Brenda Broyles as my “second-in-command” partner there.

Brenda will no doubt tell you that I was a good team leader (actually she would probably say many more flowery words than just that, bless her)… and I would normally respond that Brenda is way, way, WAY too kind. But I know better than to argue with Brenda though, lest she get after me with her legendary cane, so I won’t.

I really, really did NOT want Tom Wacker to step down as leader (and pretty much begged him repeatedly not to), but I totally understand why he wants to put 100% focus on some other things right now.

Team leader was not really in my plans or desires for the immediate or long-term future either one, but now that it seems I am just that, I am very humbled and appreciative that Tom and others supported my taking on the team leader role.

And I’m especially grateful Tom will continue to be an active part of the Lucky 13, as I and the whole team have grown dependent on some pretty invaluable strengths that particularly he and Boris and Pan are really good at.

Our team absolutely operates on literal teamwork and everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, but together we all make one pretty nicely cohesive collective that obviously is pretty successful since we almost never fell out of the top three all last year.

Much as I told the team the other day, the Lucky 13 is a great team and we are dang good at what we do. I think we can continue mostly as we have and continue the excellence we’ve shown thus far, without having to make a whole lot of changes for now, if any.

As for details regarding strategy for the new year, I really just think we’re going to have to wait and see what changes (as we’ve been told there will likely be some major ones) are coming with the new season, and go from there.

We are historically a team of action takers in the majority, which has always served us well and will no doubt continue to. And make no mistake, even though I may be the “named” team leader now, the Lucky 13 is collectively truly a team of leaders – another aspect which has always served us well.

(Heck, Sunny’s the REAL boss anyway – the #1 rule on my list, and on anyone’s list who’s smart, is always “Don’t make Sunny mad”.) 😀

If folks on our team didn’t have offline jobs and businesses and programs to run and operate and focus on and other responsibilities, and I guess if a majority of the team had time to surf 18 hours a day every day – who knows, maybe we could have gotten a little closer to snagging the #1 spot for the last season.

But we are, as my teammate Tony Tezak likes to say, “a working team”, and I think we did pretty great to wind up #2 with so many of the team being program owners and operators and running businesses, and those that have offline jobs or jobs elsewhere online, and some with other responsibilities that must be attended to.

For many of the Lucky 13, whatever we do to make a living online is not a “hobby” or a side thing. I don’t know about you, but if I don’t get my daily stuff that I generally do every day done, then I’m guaranteeing I don’t make any money or at least am definitely decreasing any potential income, and that’s true for many of the Lucky 13. It’s essential to find one’s balance between activities on CTP Teams and your business/programs/related activities, or the latter may suffer.

So CTP Teams really just can’t be the be-all, end-all for us… but I think we do pretty darn good to have finished as we have week after week after week and still be running our businesses and managing our programs and working whatever offline jobs some of us have, and such.

And the good thing about that is many of us have found, or are still working on, a balance that allows us to contribute significantly to the team most every week as well as maintain our other responsibilities… or else we wouldn’t have ended up in the top three teams last season.

What’s in store for the new (and supposed to be shorter this time around) season? Who knows! And goodness knows TimTech has a habit of springing twists and turns out of nowhere.

In any case, here’s to the Lucky 13 in 2015… and as far as I’m concerned, our team is already a team full of winners, no matter where we land on the scoreboard come the end of the next and new season.

Let the games begin!

Let’s start things off right!

Hello Everyone!

Well, by the time this post is published it will be 2015.

I am not one to make New Year’s resolutions or anything like that. I simply try to make the new year better than the last one was – whatever that my involve.

What I am looking forward to is trying to get my Internet Marketing act together. Maybe that is something we should all do. No matter how successful one is, there is always room for improvement – and with all the CRAP that is floating around our industry today there is LOTS of room for improvement!

Many seem to be in such a rush to “Get Rich Online” that they pay no attention to what being in business is really all about. Some have some really good products/services to offer – but they “package” it wrong. Some think they can throw up a splash or an affiliate page and then wait for the money to come rolling in. Then there are the folks that think simply because someone else is doing something (like a Traffic Exchange for instance), that they can simply purchase a script and do it as well – even though they have NO IDEA about what they are doing and no passion about it what-so-ever.

I hope that we can all take a serious look at what we are doing and why we are doing it. If we are passionate about something we should at least give it “the old college try.” If it doesn’t work out at least we tried. But don’t forget the passion!

There has been a lot going on in my offline life that has made my Internet Marketing kinda take a back seat. Not good. I have to see that I get both my offline life and online life together at the same time. Thigs have been quite rough, but I am hanging in there.

I would like to thank Team Lucky 13 from the bottom of my heart for being such a great bunch of folks. It has been an honor being part of the team. I hope to be able to communicate more with the team. Things simply got kinda busy.

I would also like to thank the TimTech crew for being real and doing their thing. The real world training we get from Click Track Profit, TELive and the awesome things that TimTech comes up with like badges, Kore4, XP… and that is only scratching the surface!

Let us all try to make 2015 a very successful year by re-examining what we do and trying to do it just as good or even better.

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