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Last Time this Season

I just can’t believe that we are in the last week of season two.  The last time I will write here for this season.

What is going to happen?  Well, Lucky 13 is going to take third place overall.  That much we know. What we don’t know is whether the Uber Surfers have enough left in the tank to challenge the SurfAholicsAlpha for the season win.  It looks like the Renegades will probably finish 4th, CSN 5th with Dream Team, Wealth Builders, Surf Lovers, Strays and Beginners and Winners filling out the top 10.

We had a very good season.  New, dynamic leadership, our auxiliary team Thirteen Too, the Friday the 13th bomb promos, and many more.  We went through the whole season without finishing lower than 3rd overall, a real testament to our consistency and ability.  It’s been a very good run.

What to expect for next season?  We just don’t know yet what the parameters will be and what to really expect.  But I am sure it would be safe to expect the Lucky 13 to compete and challenge again.  It is simply too good a team to expect otherwise.

As always with the Lucky 13 there has been a lot of fun and hard work.  I look forward to next season with high anticipation.


I don’t know whether you’ve noticed this or not, but – for the most part – Lucky 13 is not a CTP Teams team that people generally leave or quit.

This occurred to me last night as I was sort of absentmindedly perusing the scoreboard and teams rosters. The name of a particular team member on one of the other teams caught my eye, and I had to stop and think and count up in my head how many different teams this person had been on since CTP Teams began – it was definitely five different teams. Maybe even six or more.

Well, it happens, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes teams disband, or maybe sometimes a team’s just not a good fit for a person or vice versa.

That said, though…

A majority of the Lucky 13 have been on our team since Day One, whether they are on the main team, are now on our auxiliary Lucky 13 Too team, or were gone for a while and came back to the join the newer Too team. (We waited over nine months before deciding to start a secondary auxiliary team, otherwise those on the Too team who were gone and came back would have never had to leave.)

Lucky 13 has 16 original members total on both our teams – i.e., OVER HALF of the original 25 members remain Lucky 13. There’s 13 original members on the main team, and 3 original members on the Too team. That’s pretty cool.

That said, we really might as well be able to say we have 17 original members, since another member has been on the main team since about a month after CTP Teams started. Yet another has been on the team almost that long, and two more came along shortly after that.

In any case, out of the 32 members between Lucky 13 and Lucky 13 Too, 23 members have been Lucky 13 for six months or more (though we really might as well call it 24 instead, since one half of the three couples that have been Lucky 13 together has pretty much always been Lucky 13).

So for those of you keeping score, with 24 out of 32 members:

  • 75% of Lucky 13 & Lucky 13 Too has been Lucky 13 for six months or more.
  • 50% of Lucky 13 & Lucky 13 Too were Lucky 13 on Day One that CTP Teams started.

Now that’s consistency for you. While I don’t know for sure what the other two “top 3” teams’ retention numbers are from the day their team began, I kind of expect they’re less than our team member retention numbers are.

Here’s more consistency: Since CTP Teams began, there have been basically five teams that have almost always had a lock on one of the top three places week after week. One of those teams doesn’t exist anymore (the Cats), and another of those five teams has not been in the top three in over six months. With the exception of one or two weeks last year, there has never been a week that Lucky 13 hasn’t finished in the top three.

It’d be an understatement to joke and say that you pretty much have to either disappear or die to get yourself kicked off Lucky 13. If you’ve kept an eye on us at all, you also know we very rarely remove anyone from the team – and it’s usually under pretty extreme or extended circumstances.

Historically no one has ever been removed from our team unless they have (A) gone missing in action for a month or more (and often more than a couple of months); or (B) passed away, which was sadly the case in one very much missed Lucky 13 teammate no longer with us.

A few who didn’t exactly go missing but were mostly inactive for a long length of time, if we’d had the auxiliary Too team at the time we’d never have removed them at all – we’d have just moved them to the Too squad. Same for those who left the team for a time because they simply needed a break – the Too team would have meant they never really had to leave. There haven’t been many, though.

Anyway, maybe the rarity in our ever removing team members has been somewhat to our disadvantage and is part of why we only win a week once in a while – but I think it kinda actually speaks volumes about our team, as do the 75% and 50% retention numbers I mentioned above.

Lucky 13 is special. People don’t leave Lucky 13 because what this team is about is way, way more important than winning every week or winning a big prize at the end of a season. I guarantee you that if it had been announced last week that there would be NO prizes given out at the end of this season – few, if any, on our team would have cared.

We have a lot of team spirit, sure – but a majority of Lucky 13’s spirit is borne out of team camaraderie, interaction, networking and the opportunities that spring forth from it all. That’s what makes our team so special and valuable – not surfing millions of pages every week or having to win every week.

And nobody knows that better than the teammates that are in and out of our team Skype room with any regularity. For that reason alone, I wish 100% of our team participated in the team room (and if you’re Lucky 13 and not in there, all you have to do is add me or any of the other teammates on Skype that are and ask).

It may seem like fun and games and mindless chatter sometimes (and sometimes it is!!) – but it’s also a big part of what makes this team so solid and cohesive, sometimes strategic, and oh so valuable.

It’s kind of like what Jon talks about the value in showing up (to TE Live and wherever else) every day  – you get to know people, get to talking to people, get to networking and/or taking action with other people – and that’s when the magic happens. But I do know the Skype room’s not for everyone, so I and many of us try to include everyone in important news and updates and other discussions as much as possible however we can.

Still, even with part of the team in one place every day, day after day, and others who prefer to stay out on the fringes and do whatever they add daily to help the team – Lucky 13 is pretty solid and cohesive. And even though we seem to be pretty attached to the #3 spot most of the time, week after week – so very, very full of team spirit.

That’s what makes the Lucky 13 special, and that’s why people just don’t leave this team. If you’re Lucky 13, then you’re probably Lucky 13 for life – or at least as long as you wanna be. Yeah, it makes us kind of hard to get on as a new team member ‘cos people don’t leave and we so rarely have an opening (though I’m always willing to talk with anyone who asks about joining, anytime).

And now a new season will soon be upon us, with changes that have been hinted at. We’ll see what happens, but it really doesn’t matter, not at all. Whatever happens, we’ll just roll with it and adjust as needed, ‘cos that’s pretty much what we always do and always have done.

Lucky 13 is here to stay – we aren’t ever going anywhere. We as a team agreed a long time ago that, whatever happened, we were in it for the long haul.

Bring on the new season! I guarantee you Lucky 13 is more than ready. And with that, good luck to all in the coming new season!

Holding On

This Week is National MS Week.   This whole month is national MS Month.

So why do I tell you this?  Because it is apart of my life … everyday… for the

last 18 years.  Those that know me know all the details. Those that don’t .. well

here is a quick story.   In 1997 my husband was diagnosed with MS… In 2011 he passed

from complications  from MS. That 14 years was a journey through life I do not wish to

repeat, nor do I wish it on anyone….However, with that said, in 2005 my youngest

daughter was diagnosed with MS… She and her husband live with me while they get

their life in order, so yes, I am still a caregiver and first and foremost MOM!!..

I don’t tell you this because I want your sympathy,,,  I need your help !!

On June 20, 2015, I will be doing the Walk MS 3k walk here in Dexter, Michigan.  Once a year

I try to  help the National MS Society raise money for research.  My Daughter has a much

better chance than my husband ever did.  MS has taken Its toll on her.  At the Age of 33 she is

medically retired and on long term disability.   Yup  ..  33   SOOO

Please consider a small donation of any kind HERE

This title of this Blog Post was inspired by  one of the Songs I have lived by for all of those years.


Thank You for reading……  Jean

PS…  My niece in Austrailia has made a donation

before, so I don’t think international is a problem.

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