So yesterday my teammate (and captain of the new Lucky 13 Too “B” squad – we now affectionately refer to him as “Cap’n Too”) John Brewer wrote about the hidden value of the new CTP Teams bonuses, explaining what they are and why they’re so valuable – not only for your team, but for your online business efforts.

I’m so glad John wrote that post yesterday, ‘cos it left me a most excellent opening today to write about what I consider “Step 2” of the process. Read on…

So, maybe you’re thinking about going for the new bonus by joining and upgrading in or RocketResponder, or both. If you’re a newbie or a sorta-newbie (or not that new but have never had any experience with either program before), you’re probably wondering this:

So if I get it/them… What’s next? What do I do with it/them now?

Well, have I got a solution for you!

It just so happens that Lucky 13’s own Sunny Suggs created Your Email Series, which helps folks learn how to use RocketResponder.

And not only that, but our previous fearless leader of Lucky 13 and my teammate, Tom Wacker, created a program called that helps folks learn how to use

Nowadays, Tom owns and operates both programs. And now, on the heels of the institution of these brand new CTP Teams bonuses, Tom is offering a really sweet deal for these two helper programs.

If you sign up for RocketResponder or using the links on this page, then Tom will upgrade you at or Your Email Series (or both) – for free!

So, not only will get you get two very important tools that are a MUST-HAVE for anyone trying to do business online – tracking and an autoresponder – but you’ll get totally FREE access to the two programs that will give you step-by-step help in using both!

Check out the offer here and watch Tom’s video for more info about his most excellent offer. This is a no-brainer offer for anyone who is really serious about making money online, so grab it now!

Happy weekend and happy surfing, everybody! 🙂

Written by Lynn M.

Lynn M.

I talk and write online a lot about traffic exchanges & online/affiliate business since 2007-2008 at & elsewhere. I’m a former TE owner, nowadays I give away a lot of free advertising & other stuff via, and I recently opened I have dogs, cats, a fiance named Brian, and I’m a Southern gal and blonde, which means I get called Sunny Suggs a lot (and probably a lot more often than anyone calls her Lynn). Faves: Mexican food, orange soda, Waffle House, Tennessee Vols football.

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