Hey folks. Here I am again with my questions 🙂 Guess you can call me the “question dude.” 🙂

What do I mean by the question which is the title of this blog post?

Well…. CTP Teams is something more valuable than meets the eye.
That is why I ask if we are really ready. You see, CTP Teams is a game and yet so much more.

For those of you who may not have realized it yet, CTP Teams is your chance to do some serious networking! Yes, networking. The stuff Jon Olson (the TE Guy) and Patrick Griffin have been talking about constantly at TELive.

If we are serious about wanting to be something and do something in the Internet Marketing industry then we need to network. Everything else will then fall into place. By networking we have the opportunity to communicate with like-minded people to share our knowledge and learn some things. That is the beginning of getting folks to Know Like and Trust us. It’s not just slapping a picture on a promotion. It’s getting in tough with folks. Speaking with them. Helping them if you can (we can all help someone with something). When we start doing that then we really start doing business.

Are you on a CTP Team? All you need to do is be a member of Click Track Profit and then apply for one of the available teams. Would you like to start your own team? That would be cool! It would show that you are a real action taker and are ready to try something new and exciting! In order to start a CTP Team you have to be upgraded to Kore4 – the CTP “Super Upgraded that upgrades you in the four TimTech Traffic Exchanges and in CTP. Yes, you actually have to invest in your business future – imagine that – lol.

So what are you waiting on? Get busy and get involved! Looking forward to seeing you around!

Go Lucky 13 and Lucky 13 Too!

Written by John Brewer

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