Why do I ask such a question? Well…. it’s because of comments I have heard in the past and comments I continue to hear fro fellow marketers and also from marketing “wannabes.” The comments from the wannabees are not surprising. Those are the folks that think they can get something of true value for nothing in return – like work. The problem I have is with people who call themselves “marketers.” When such folks make claims like the one mentioned as the title of this post it gets on my darned nerves!

Let’s examine the issue a bit. What does TimTech offer? Lets see…. advertising through traffic exchanges (ILoveHits, Sweeva, StartExhange and ThumbVu) and ad programs such as Doctor Traffic. They offer an email marketing application (RocketResponder). They offer a tracking program (Trck.me). They offer a special “super upgrade” to their group of traffic exchanges plus ClickTrackProfit – one of THE best no-bull crap training programs on the internet today (Kore4). I’m sure there are other things that TimTech offers that I have not mentioned (like mentoring), not to mention the things they have brought to the table such as CTP Teams.

OK, do they profit from these things? OF COURSE THEY DO! That is the reason for being in business – to make a profit. The question is, do they profit at the “expense” of others? Well… take a look at what TimTech offers. Are these not all things that we as Internet Marketers benefit from if we take advantage of them properly? Do they not pay generous commissions to those who bring members into these programs as well? Do they not teach us how to use not only TimTech products but also other programs and tools that help us to profit online?

The next question is…. did the Internet Marketing god simply drop the TimTech company into the lap of it’s owners? Or did those owners work and toil and slave and in many cases go into debt in order to give birth to what we now know as TimTech? Yes folks. They have been there, done that, are still doing it and are trying to teach US how to do it as well. Do they do everything right? NO. Do they make mistakes? YES. Do they sometimes “rub people the wrong way?” Yes. SO WHAT!! There are people in this world who would find something to complain about in PARADISE!

Wake up people. When was the last time any of the thousands of TimTech program members attended TELive? In all my times of attending I have never seen it go over 100. Maybe it has, but I haven’t seen it. Yet hundreds of TimTech program members will gripe (I’m using a kinder, gentler word here – lol) whine and complain about how they are not making any money. Could it be that folks are simply TO LAZY and CHEAP!!!!!

It’s time for true Internet Marketers to take the the industry back. It’s time for us to work our behinds off to make a success out of ourselves. We need to examine ourselves and what and how we do things before we go blaming everybody and his brother for our lack of success. There is a lot more to say on this topic but I’m afraid my little rant might be falling on deaf ears.

GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER PEOPLE! I include myself in that statement. It’s time for us to stop complaining and get down to business. Time to stop falling for all of that “lazy get rich quick” crap and get down to some serious marketing. I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter.

Thanks again for listening to my blah blah blah.

Till next time!

Written by John Brewer

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