Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I have to put this out there.

Lately when in to CTP I have seen the following ad:

Stupid ad 01

My question is…. is this a good ad? I mean sure, the girl is very attractive, but what on earth is the product?

All we know is that we get to beta test something. Can we even get a hint at what it is?

I’m sure this ad will get a lot of hits and maybe even lots of sign-ups to their list, but how qualified will those sign-ups be?

Now check out this ad:

Good ad 01

Besides the pretty ladies, we can see that this ad is for TE Racing League – even without watching the video.

This ad will no doubt get more qualified hits. Many may listen to the video because of the pretty ladies (I love their ads), but they will respond because they know what the product is and if they want it or not.

Again, this is constructive criticism. Maybe I’m totally off on this issue.

What do you think?

Till next time!

Written by John Brewer

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