So. New day, new week, new month for CTP Teams. What will it bring? Yay Monday, Yay July!

Congratulations to the Stray Cats for their weekly win. Very impressive. Very impressive indeed.

Congratulations to the SurfAholics Alpha for the second consecutive monthly win. You have set the bar pretty darn high, but we think the Lucky 13 is up to the challenge.

I’m pretty sure that only SAA and Lucky 13 have been in the Premier League every week. For those keeping score (and I am) that would be the 9th consecutive week. I think I see a pattern emerging…

I am sorry to see the demise of the Crazy Cats People team. I understand the dynamic, but I hate to see that happen.

A couple of noteworthy items: July 4th is not only the day for Mom, Apple Pie, Baseball and Fireworks, but also the day for Click Your Face Off to host the Daily Challenge. I’m thinking you can expect a special performance from Sunny and the Lucky 13.

Our man Boris (dechuck) turns out to be a trouble shooting son of a gun. I’m not sure that he has helped every member of Lucky 13, but he’s got to be close. We are lucky (as it were) to have him…

Stuff is bubbling at the Lucky 13. This month will go a long way toward deciding the overall championship, I think. Let the grind begin….

Written by Tom Wacker

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