This is a short spontaneous blog post.

I have not been very active online in the past few months because of offline problems.

Even though I am not as active as I would like to be I do what I can. I have missed a lot of TELive and that is terrible because I see (from the times when I am able to surf, read blogs and chat in the Lucky 13 team chat room) that there has been some outstanding training and also live interviews going on. I don’t say this so that folks can feel sorry for me, I say this to make the following point:

If I COULD have attended TELive I WOULD have.

What about you? Have you attended TELive lately? Have you logged in to CTP lately? Have you read any of the blogs/newsletters that you are subscribed to lately? I could go on and on.

When I check my affiliate stats in certain programs that I am in – such as CTP and RocketResponder to name only a couple, I see something that bothers me. People join my list, or sign up under me in CTP (or they are a random referral) and then….. nothing.

If you are reading this blog post that means you are taking action – applause to you. But that is only one step in many along the road to success.

I encourage you to take as much action as you can when you can. As I encourage you I also encourage myself. We ALL need encouragement from time-to-time.

Take Action. Do Something to progress, no matter how insignificant the step seems – like logging in to CTP and maybe even doing some training.

I envy those that have the time to devote to their online business. I envy even more those who don’t have as much time as others to devote to their online business, but do as much as they can – which is often waaay more than those who have the time.

Remember – If you Do Nothing, you Achieve Nothing.

Till next time folks!

Written by John Brewer

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