You may or may not remember, but in the movie “Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs” the dwarfs were miners. Here’s one of the videos of them singing their song as they either head off to work, while they are at work, or (in this case) when they head home from work.

Heigh Ho

Lately, those of us in the TE Live community have been given the opportunity to do some mining of our own — mining for Zencoins. Timtech has set up a “pool” where we can mine our own Zencoins (complete with a very well done how-to video by Bill Gorski). Mining for Zencoins is so easy that even Dopey here (pointing to myself) can do it. I must admit — it took a bit of effort at first on the setup; but the help of some good folks, I’m a certified Zencoin miner.

If you’ve heard about the Zencoin thing, but have no clue where to start, I suggest you contact my Lucky 13 teammate (and one of Timtech’s customer support gurus) Janelle Pineau on Skype or Twitter. She has set up a chat area in Skpe for Zencoin discussion. We’d all love to help get you started in the wonderful world of Zencoin mining.

OK, all together now…sing along…heigh ho, heigh ho, it’s home from work we go!

Written by Stephen Whittle

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