Now.. “how to make a living” is different than “how to make money”.

I make my living online – but not with my websites. Yes yes, I hear one voice in my head saying “if you’re not making enough money with your websites, you’re doing it wrong”. Yup – I’m doing it wrong. But I’m also doing it right.

My sites grow every day – not crazy fast, but they grow.

Back in the day… lol… you could open a TE, and it made crazy money when done right – because this was an audience of spenders. Today, not so much. But, I’ll get there!

That’s okay though. I still get good traffic flow on Click Your Face Off, and offer a couple of other sites of great value.

I also do support for these guys… (please don’t skype me for support questions, I can’t keep up! The desk is better and faster)

Now… to make my living – I’ve utilized

I’ve had jobs organizing spreadsheets for real estate people in New Zealand and the UK, prioritized support tickets for America’s Test Kitchen, rated English words from “easy” to “difficult” (there were 40,000 of these!) – and lots of other odd jobs over the past year.

Now, I’m doing support for


Which is hilarious – haven’t ridden a bike in *mumblemumble* years, and I’m a recovering alcoholic. But… I can do support like nobody’s business!

So – that’s a truckload more about Sunny Suggs!

Anybody else do work on odesk, or I’d love to find out the silly things you’ve done for work online!

Written by Sunny Suggs

Sunny Suggs

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