As you probably know CTP announced the competition schedule for the season 2014/2015 and disclosed prizes for the first month. I believe it’s great time to discuss some strategy.

If you have read Patrick’s post on Team SurfAholics strategies, you might have noticed that Patrick heavily censored his post leaving virtually nothing of value in it.

Now, I won’t do that. In fact what I will do is

Disclose the most important strategy of our team!

I hope my teammates won’t be cross at me for divulging this sensitive information.

But before I give you the info I also want to give you an important advice:

“If you intend to win, you must not lose!” – The Number one*

And now for the thing you have been waiting for! In this short video you will get to see the most important Team Lucky 13 strategy!

Unlike the Gumball Rally, I believe there will be no licenses taken for speeding, vehicles confiscated nor Macedonians killed.**


* If you wonder who The Number One is,find more info on Wikipedia.

** Gumball 3000

Till next time,

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Written by Boris Petricevic

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