I have a dog named Dexter. He’s a 120 Black Lab/Chow mix. He loves to play, still! At 6 yrs old. Especially while biting. Not hard though.

One day I was in the kitchen, and he came in through the doggie door just exhausted. Panting, and just laid down. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. A few minutes later, he went back out side again.

I wandered out there, to see what he was doing, and he wasn’t there!

I finally discovered that the fence broke – and he got out.

I went around front and called him, he was wayyyyyyy down the street. He heard me, and ran and ran and ran like a million miles an hour to me! He was absolutely loving life.

Several other times he’s escaped, and when he gets a clear shot – he bolts out the door – all the way down the street.

This pic reminded me of what he must be thinking –

By Emi_Chan (Via: www.stuffistumbledupon.com)

Then today I stumbled upon this video!

How cool it must be to run and run and run – over rocks, and street and grass and stickers and sand and water – Dogs are pretty lucky!

Written by Sunny Suggs

Sunny Suggs

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