Don’t I just have the most clever titles for my posts, ever?  I should probably run a poll to see who is the very best title writer ever!

Good Monday morning to you all.  I just really have no idea what I should write about this week, I think maybe I’ll check the CTP teams standings and see how we did last week…  Oh, wait.  Look at this…


It was an epic, hard fought battle, but the L13 beat out the Ubers and SAA to win their first week of the season.  It was really, really close, and wasn’t finally decided until the very stroke of midnight.

I couldn’t be more proud to be a member of Lucky 13 this week.  We took on the challenge and every single member busted a gut to achieve our goal.  What an effort and what a week.

It was a very good run, and we can be proud of ourselves as a team.  We really did well.

I’m just sayin’

Written by Tom Wacker

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