Another Monday, another late post from yours truly.  How can every other Monday be THAT hard?

This is after all, big Monday.  The Bigfoot Badge Hunt is half over, CTP teams finished up a week and a month yesterday.

We do have news.  The Order of Merit for the Month of September goes to Boris Petricevic.  Boris is a tireless teammate who is always willing and involved.  The man is a genius at strategy and placing.

The bad news?  He is in transit from Montenegro to Serbia and doesn’t know.  He had WiFi for a few minutes and I didn’t get the medal to him.  So sometime tomorrow when Boris reads this he will find out.  That basically stinks:)

The CTP teams result is distressingly familiar.  For the week we finished 3rd behind Surfaholics Alpha and Uber Surfers.  For the month, we finished 2nd behind SAA with the Ubers finishing 3rd.

Elina and Pat launched Sunshine Surf Club, a fantastic looking and surfing new TE.  Given Elina’s discipline and drive, I predict this will be a clear winner.  We all know how dedicated and driven she is, now it is time for the world to know.  Great things WILL happen there.

Sunny  (CYFO) and Kevin (DoubleNice) both have Daily Challenges scheduled soon, those are always a good day for the team.  The Lucky 13 really does support the team and teammates!

We expect Bob and Rhonda Pizor back from the abyss at any time.  First they were knocked out (as was much of Charleston) by a storm, then their modem died as a result of the storm.  It can’t be soon enough for us!

All in all, it’s a great time to be a member of the Lucky 13.  I am certainly glad that I am!



Written by Tom Wacker

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