Well a lot has happened since I last posted two weeks ago, the CTP Teams contest is getting really interesting with the addition of a new team created by Walter Mulder the “Uber Surfers” team.  They have proven to be pretty formidable, but as like in life, competition breeds excellence and the cream of the crop will always rise to the challenge. 

The Strays have splintered a bit, and Lucky 13 has been the benefactor of that with the addition of Myra P, and Moune Monique to the Lucky 13 roster.  Welcome ladies!! we are glad to have you here, and remember, first and foremost, this is a contest, yes, but the most important thing is to HAVE FUN FIRST!!!  (Side note to Myra…  I KNOW you are a sports fan Myra, and I keep expecting to see your face in the viewers list Sunday nights at the Sports Nerds Show, why not join us… you’ll enjoy it…lol)

Been trying some new surfing habits lately and although I am still working some of the kinks out, I am getting the most out of it and trying to benefit the most to my team at the same time.  I only have about 4 hours a day to surf with my offline work schedule, so it is important to me to hit the best sites for getting XP, as well as for promotion of my affiliate links.  The Daily challenge is always a focus for me, though I have to admit that if the site is not in Traffic Browser I probably wont surf it.  So here is a word of advice to you owners out there that participate in the Daily Challenge, if your site is not in Traffic Browser, you are probably missing out on a lot of traffic.  Now I am not saying that I know how to get more traffic to your site, as I am not an owner and I would not pretend to have such knowledge or be an expert, but the benefit of being listed in Traffic Browser outweighs the negative.  As our fearless leader says… I’m just sayin..

So as we wind up another week of CTP teams, the race is close, and the finish looks to be once again, epic.  This is really fun, I have enjoyed getting to know my fellow team mates, the surf slaves, our Egg Whisperer (you know who you are) and not to end on a sad note, but for those that had not heard, one of our team mates, Kathy Kelly, passed away earlier this month.  She will be missed, and I am sad over losing someone I had hoped to know better.  RIP Kathy, and may you never be forgotten, the TE World is a little dimmer today without you in it. 

Take of yourselves… and each other…


Scott “The Sports Nerd” Wright

Written by Scott Wright

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