Sunny grows up. (haha, not really)

I was raised by a wonderful Mom and Dad who thought “let kids be kids”. Which was fantastic! While my other friends had to go home and do “chores” I got to ride my bike around a little longer.

Every once in a while, mom would ask me to clean my room – but usually she did it.

Walking out of the bathroom after a shower, my clothes had disappeared from the floor.

We always had a new towel in the bathroom after one use. (One of the things my dad once told me he loved about my mom)

We didn’t do dishes, or laundry – well, once we did laundry, and whined the whole time. Silly mom was in the hospital at the time. Didn’t she realize we’d have to do this? We’re kids!!

So, I had a glorious childhood – nothing but playing and doing things kids were supposed to do.

Then I got my first apartment.

One of the things mom said to me while we were packing was “Just so you know, you can actually use a towel more than once.”

lol… maybe she didn’t like the fact that Dad wanted fresh towels every day!

So, I’m in my apartment, go to take my first shower – walk out of the bathroom…


That was the first time I ever realized I was “growing up”.

The reason I tell this story, is because I have no good habits when it comes to my home. Never had kids, so didn’t have to “take care” of anybody but a husband.

Now, that might sound crazy to most of you, because most of you ARE “grown up”. I’m not. I never learned how. I never *cared* to learn how.

But, there are things that I do wish I did on a regular basis. Like keep my house clean.

I used to say “oh, I’m depressed, that’s why I can’t keep my house clean”. That is not the truth. The truth is, I don’t know HOW to keep the house clean. So, every once in a while, I spend days scrubbing, and swear I’ll keep it up. A week later, it’s like I never did it.

So… Since Jon’s Plus1Success came out – and I am a member of the Book Club – I learned something about growing up. I don’t have to change everything about me over night. It’s going to be a process.

It’s not so overwelming that way.

What I’m doing for my Plus Ones:

I pick a habit once a week. Like, cleaning off my desk every night before I go to bed.

Again… that may sound silly to you – but it’s something I do NOT do, until I “have” to.

The first night, I forgot, of course, and had to clean off the desk almost in my sleep. I hated it, I thought it was stupid.

The 2nd night, I remembered, but put it off until I was doing it in my sleep again.

The 3rd night, I figured out that I could do it before I was dead tired!

The 4th night, it wasn’t as hard to do, because I kept it cleaner. (who’da thunk?)

The 5th, 6th and 7th – I’m waking up to a clean desk in the morning, and it’s no trouble at all.

Then, the next week I can add something else.

Finally, cleaning my desk, KEEPING it clean is part of Sunny Suggs. No one who’s seen my desk will believe it.

We don’t have to change everything overnight. We can’t. It’s not possible. But we can change 1 thing at a time – and that compounds into GREAT things.

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Sitting on Gold and Begging for Brass

As I was doing my internet work and listening to CNN as I often do, I heard something that caught my ear and stuck in my mind.

The person being interviewed on African Voices was African photographer Nana Kofi. He said the words of the title of this blog,

Sitting on Gold and Begging for Brass.

He was talking about the African continent, but those words also made me think about the Internet Marketing industry.

Jon Olson had a rant the other night on TELive which was basically about us getting our heads out of our backsides in this industry and taking not only action, but responsibility for what we do. What also struck me as interesting about the rant is that he included himself in the criticism. Very humble indeed.

The Internet Marketing industry is such a gold mine of potential if done properly, but what do we see? We see a bunch of people pushing a bunch of bull crap.

The few (Like many of the people who attend TELive) that really try to put their best into the industry and get something in return for the value that they offer, the hard work they do and the investment that make, are often drowned out by all the crap pushers.

New people coming into the industry think that what they see and hear from the crap pushers is gospel. They think all you have to do is “copy, paste and get rich.” Nothing cane be further from the truth. If you are interested in the real inside truth of things, read this blog post by Scott Wright of team Lucky 13. The post is called “So You Want to be a Traffic Exchange Owner?

Something else that Nana Kofi mentioned in his interview is that we need to stop blaming others for our lack of success and work hard – not relying on “luck.” Does that not sound like the kind of thing that Jon Olson and others has been talking about forever on TELive?

Do we really get all the value out of the Internet Marketing training like we get at Click Track Profit, or from programs such as “+1 Success,” or do we miss the point?

The whole CTP teams thing is supposed to be about friendly competition and networking. But what do we see? Childish stuff.

For those who get it and that have been getting the full value that CTP Teams has to offer are really experiencing some wonderful business as well as personal growth. I am fortunate to be a member of team Lucky 13 Too, which is the “B team” of Lucky 13. The benefit has been tremendous.

The Internet Marketing industry has created a network of ‘servants’ instead of ‘leaders’ (something else that Nana Kofi mentioned about the system of education in Africa where he grew up). It’s time for that to change. But it wont change if we don’t.

Are we going to take advantage of the potential goldmine that the Internet Marketing industry has to offer? Or are we gonna keep “holding our cups out asking for brass?

You should watch the interview, it was very interesting.

Begging for Brass

Direct link for the interview

Till next time!

Your Success is Guaranteed…

… Or is it?

This (in my humble opinion) is one of the most misleading phrases in the Internet Marketing industry today. That statement is often why people think that they can spend little time and even less money and think they can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars online.

The interesting thing about it is, sometimes those of us who have been in the industry for awhile (and who have no intention of misleading someone) inadvertently encourage this way of thinking as well, but sometimes it’s not our fault.

What do I mean? Well, sometimes we try to make people aware of how easy it is to start and run a successful business online – which is true. But what we (the marketer) sometimes falsely assume is that the reader will understand that we mean ‘compared to starting on offline business.’

ANY business – online or off, takes work, investment and persistence. No one can guarantee someone success – that is up to the individual and their business principles and practices. Just because Bill Gates has become quite wealthy with Microsoft does not mean that anyone who starts some sort of software company will become as successful.

How much money do you make doing that?” A very popular question that many of us at one time or another have asked someone else in the industry who is promoting something. What the HECK does it matter?!

Even though we are naturally curious about such a thing, it’s none of our business how much money someone makes. The question should be ‘what is the profit POTENTIAL of your offer?’ Just because Jon Olson makes lots of money with Traffic Exchanges doesn’t mean that John Brewer will – but John Brewer can if he does all the right things (including learning from the wrong things).

So, the next time you see the statement ‘Your Success is Guaranteed,’ try being realistic in your expectations. The next time you decide to use such a statement in your advertising, remember that you just might be helping to promote the same misconception that runs rampant in the industry,

Sure, it’s OK to talk about the profit potential of something when we advertise our wares, but let us make sure that we point out that potential is a totally different thing than a guarantee.

What say you?

Thanks for taking the time to read my blah blah blah 🙂

See you next post!

John Brewer

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