The Best Three Minute Break You Will Take Today

Well, as you’re probably aware, there really hasn’t been a whole heck of a lot of CTP Teams-related stuff of any note to share lately… especially in the top division where Lucky 13 seems to be permanently stuck at #2, it’s been pretty much the same for weeks (well, months really).

And I’m participating in Marian Gurowicz’s annual Freedom Day event today, and one of the things on my to-do list was to blog here today, so, yeah. (LOL)

With that said, I encourage you to take three minutes of your time away from building your business and working on your to-do lists to check out this thing I saw the other day that is like the best thing ever.

The look on this guy’s face when he notices what’s going on is priceless! (And Brian and I can totally see our psycho cat Tojo doing this, hahaha)…. enjoy!

I’m Corey Reilmann

My name is Corey Reilmann.

I joined the Lucky 13 at the end of season 2, but Ive always been LUCKY 13. I’ve been doing this trade for 7 months and I have wonderful people helping every step of the way.

You know when you have people like Sunny Suggs and Lynn M and Brian Cullen, its easy to keep going,

Im sorry if I forgot Elena but you guys have been great to me and Lucky 13 ROCKS!

If you wanna join a great team LUCKY 13

Announcing The Order of Merit for April 2015

So I really meant to issue The Order of Merit earlier this month, but probably needless to say, I got a little busy. Established in 2014 by our fearless and former leader Tom Wacker, this special CTP badge is usually awarded monthly to the team member or members who most represent the spirit and heart of Lucky 13.

I don’t know that this trend will continue forward (and if it does I’m gonna have to order a new badge, hehe) but, as I did last time, I am once again awarding The Order of Merit to two very deserving Lucky 13 members, instead of just one, for April 2015.

The first Order of Merit award for April will probably be no surprise to anyone on the team – it goes to our resident Super Extra Super Surfer, the one and only Rosy Di Lucia. Rosy joined Lucky 13 as Season 2 of CTP Teams was winding down, and has breathed new life into the Lucky 13 in a big way, surfing high XP numbers in the billions weekly and is usually our #1 on the team weekly.

I know for a fact that Rosy treats her surfing for Lucky 13 and in CTP Teams quite literally as a sport, constantly reviewing her stats and always challenging herself to improve and do more. It’s quite literally amazing to witness and hear some of how she does it – if CTP Teams were an actual sport, our Rosy would be an Olympic medalist!

The second Order of Merit award for April goes to one of the most beloved original team members of the Lucky 13 – Jean Kopinski. Appropriately monikered with the username “farmangel”, Jean is amazing both online and off, single-handedly running her farm (it has chickens!) as well as her online business. She is a shining star who embodies everything that is the heart and soul of Lucky 13.

Our Jean has the most unfailing team spirit 24/7, and always has the team’s best interests at heart. She’s a great asset when it comes to reminding the team of various things, and whenever everyone else is getting frustrated or aggravated with this or that, she gives great pep talks and always seems to remain positive no matter what’s going on. We love our Jean!

So there ya go. Congratulations ladies – well deserved!

And now May is almost over (eek!) so it will be time for The Order of Merit for May to be awarded soon. Stay tuned, and GO LUCKY 13!


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