Are we taking action yet?

Hey folks 🙂

Taking action seems to be something we procrastinate on very easily – lol

That is a habit we need to break if we want to be successful in the Internet Marketing industry.

My life has been quite complicated lately, but I am still trying to make sure I do stuff that keeps my online business activities moving. Not always easy, but necessary.

I finally got some behind the scenes things done so that I can keep my online stuff going while dealing with the present drama in my life. I must say that TELive has been a very good motivation for me.

What have YOU been procrastinating on? The next question is why?

That is a self examination that we should all make from time to time.

So, let’s get going and do some stuff! Right SUNNY??!!! 🙂 🙂

Be a Lifestyle Rockstar folks!

Let’s Transform the Market and turn the Internet Marketing world on it’s head!

Take care all, and GO Lucky 13 and Lucky 13 Too!

Better Late Than Never – The Order of Merit (1st Quarter 2015)

Lucky 13 has its very own badge of honor, The Order of Merit. The badge was established last year by former leader Tom Wacker, and is generally given out monthly to the team member who most represents the spirit and heart of Lucky 13.

Keywords as far this blog post goes being “generally” and “monthly”… because since the changing of the guard at the end of last year and last season, the current Lucky 13 leader (i.e., me) has been a real slacker as far as making sure the badge was given out. I’ll try to do better the rest of the season!

In thinking about The Order of Merit for the last three months, however, I found myself kind of in a quandary as we had several rather heroic acts among the team and other such stuff worthy of such an MVP type of award, at various different times from January through the end of March.

(Many who also contributed heroically during that period have already been recipients of The Order of Merit previously, but at this time a team member can only receive the badge once.)

With all that being said, I have decided to give The Order of Merit to multiple recipients for each of those three months – this one time anyway.

Our first recipient for January 2015 is actually someone who is no longer a member of Lucky 13 (except in our hearts always!), but nonetheless still very much deserves The Order of Merit: Janelle Pineau, who sadly left us early in the year when TimTech staffers decided to form their own team, the OutKasts, in order to squash any further controversy from the “it’s not fair” crowd.

Janelle did SO much for Lucky 13 tirelessly for so long, and I will happily swear on a stack of a billion bibles that not one smidgen of anything she ever did for Lucky 13 was unethical EVER. In fact, there were certain things she simply could not do for the team that other team members could, because she was TimTech staff.

And that was quite all right. We wouldn’t have had it any other way, because she was a vital part of the team. And when it comes to team spirit and heart, Janelle definitely deserves The Order of Merit for the months she was part of Lucky 13.

The second recipient of The Order of Merit for January 2015 will come as no surprise to anyone on the team except the recipient (and, now as I’m typing, I fully expect an argument in response to my request the badge be distributed to this recipient, by this recipient) – (OK, he didn’t argue much after all! heh) – none other than former Lucky 13 leader Tom Wacker himself.

Tom set the bar high as the first Lucky 13 leader with topnotch leadership and networking skills, and was the one responsible for initially putting together this team full of superstars to begin with. He has a seemingly never ending supply of team spirit and has always been right at the heart of Lucky 13. His “January” award for The Order of Merit covers, in all actuality, the entire first season of CTP Teams.

I’m giving a third award for The Order of Merit in January to Wendy Browning, the awarding of which also covers much of 2014 in CTP Teams (or at least from the time she joined Lucky 13 a few months after the Teams began).

Wendy embodies SO much team spirit within her for Lucky 13 she literally bubbles with it, and is constantly thinking of ways to help the team and coming up with new ideas. You would almost think she spends all her time thinking about Lucky 13! In any case, she is just a joy and cares so much for the team, so this is much deserved.

The Order of Merit for February 2015 is a dual awarding, this time to Joao Ramos and Adam Brockie. Joao is an original Lucky 13 member from the start, and has made significant strategic contributions to the team that will no doubt remain a vital part of Lucky 13 strategy as long as the team exists.

Not only that, but if there is any one person on the team that is truly THE heart and soul of Lucky 13, I believe the entire team would agree it is our Joao. He’s always positive and always so thoughtful, and during some very frustrating and aggravating times, was often the font of team pep talk and full of team spirit.

Adam is another team member with huge team spirit and lots of heart as well. This is evident regularly, but it was never more evident than the week we managed to pull off our only winning week of the second season, when a contribution of hard work and resources from Adam helped to significantly put Lucky 13 over the top for the win. Now that’s teamwork!

And finally, I give you Lucky 13 team members Corey Reilmann and Renee Fay as the dual recipients for The Order of Merit for March 2015. Corey joined Lucky 13 about midway through Season 2, and Renee joined us just shortly before the season ended.

Both Corey and Renee exemplify and exhibit a tremendous amount of team spirit and heart for Lucky 13 on a regular basis, and surfed some monstrous numbers in XP when we needed it most as Season 2 was winding down (Renee even going far and beyond the call of duty when she was also dealing with a family health crisis at the same time).

Primarily, though, besides exhibiting tons of team spirit and heart, I’m bestowing The Order of Merit for March and the close of Season 2 to Corey and Renee for one main reason – the two of them and all their extraordinary team activity quite literally breathed some new life into the Lucky 13, and it was wonderful to see it happen! Much thanks to both!

That wraps up the first quarter of 2015. I plan to give The Order of Merit for April on time (or at least close), so stay tuned for the first week of May for that. (Most of the latest recipients haven’t claimed their new badge of honor yet as this post is being published, but I’m sure they will before the day is over.)

In the meantime, have a great weekend, everyone, and as always – GO LUCKY 13!

Why don’t you come to TELive?

Today is not my day to post, but I figured – what the heck! This needs to be said NOW! 🙂

TELive is one of the most valuable broadcasts in the Traffic Exchange Industry today. Even if you are a “TimTech hater” there is still a boat load of valuable information to be obtained.

Here is the link to the latest broadcast that was done on Friday.
It’s not normally done on Fridays, but every now and then it is.
I was not able to be there live because I was at the Kingdom Hall celebrating the Lords Evening Meal, but I watched the recording. Outstanding stuff! Very motivating. I advise you to watch it.

I was a member of CTP for quite some time before I started going to TELive. Now I hate it because I can’t always be there. It’s on Monday through Thursday at 4pm Eastern standard time. I live in Germany so that is a bit late for e, but I try to make it as often as I can – it’s that valuable. My Internet Marketing technique has improved tremendously since I have been attending.

If you are a person who is very sensitive to hearing what you might not agree with or want to hear, then you should stay away. TELive is not for children – it’s for adults who are very serious about Internet Marketing. Heck, maybe children would be more successful than many adults because children tend to be very teachable.

There are hundreds of members at CTP, and hundreds of people participating in CTP Teams, but only a handful of folks come to TELive. I don’t get that. I get it that the Timtech haters don’t come, but that is only a small percent of the folks that could come and don’t. If you are serious about being successful in Internet Marketing – which involves lots of networking with folks, then come to TELive. The few people that are there are very serious about success. They comment, they ask questions, they joke around, they make friends. They TEACH, LEARN and NETWORK!

Do something serious for your success. I don’t know a lot, but I am ready to share all that I know, but in a very blunt and straight forward style. That is how I am on my list It’s time to get serious folks. Let’s make it happen!

Till next time!

Go Lucky 13 and Lucky 13 Too!

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