Rhonda’s here!

Hey Visitors…looks like my team number has come up! Writing, definitely not one of my favorite things to do but was told to tell everyone a bit about myself.

Well lets see I grew up a military brat, born in the US but have lived in Germany and Japan where my father was stationed while I was a kid in the Marine Corp. Don’t remember much about Japan as we left there when I was only 5, remember a bit about Germany, do recall there are parts of Germany that are quite beautiful and recall visiting a couple of very old castles while we lived there that I just thought was the coolest thing ever (easy to impress a 9 year old)! When I was 12 or 13 my mom said enough of this moving from place to place and my parents purchased a house in Berkley California where I attended high school then later moved to Indiana where I attended college at Indiana University (Go Hoosiers)!

During my college years I met Bob, he was actually in the Army and stationed in Texas (Fort Hood) we met in an online sports community. We became fast friends and chatted quite often for a couple of years about sports, the military life and whatever other topics fancied us at the time! During my Senior year in college Bob came to visit me in Indiana and I took him to the famous Indy 500, granted it was off season for racing but they have a museum on the grounds which he really enjoyed as an avid sports fan, even got to have his picture taken sitting inside of one of the cars! Thus began the next step in our relationship, Dating!

After college I moved to Pennsylvania where Bob was born and raised. He was off active duty by this point and had transferred to the reserves. We lived in a rather small town by the name of Butler. We moved to South Carolina the spring of 2007 where Bob is a truck driver for Budweiser.

I began my online adventure shortly after moving to South Carolina where I dabbled in a program called Shopster. Shopster was a program that let affiliates set up their own online store selling merchandise at wholesale prices. Well put about a year or so into that and spent more money then I made LoL (am sure you have all heard that one before!) After that thought ok lets give these PTC programs a try, well I don’t know if they seen me coming or what but every one I joined and finally got to the point to cashout they would go out of business! Here I thought it was some sort of conspiracy!

FINALLY I stumbled upon this little program called Click Track profit and found it intriguing. Signed up and started working it. Told Bob oh you got to check this out is fun and educational at the same time! Well Bob got hooked on surfing and collecting badges and started dubbing himself the Surf Slave while I was busy coloring ads for us to promote Nerd Surf sites. Took a liking to all the coloring and creativity I could do with making splashes and that is how Make My Splash was born! Took a couple courses for Photoshop, got certified and have been doing it ever since. Started Make My Splash May of 2012 and love it!

We recently had to take a three month hiatus from being online due to Bob being in a pretty bad accident where he was hit by a hit and run driver. He suffered some pretty serious injuries that put him out of work for a spell so I had to take a couple of offline jobs to keep the bills and mortgage up. Happy to say Bob is doing much better and was able to return to work a couple of weeks ago!

Once we got back online everyone started telling us all about Kore 4. Bob signed us up under our good friend and team leader Tom Wacker’s team and we have been having a blast with it ever since!

Well I have rambled on long enough! Hope I didn’t put you all to sleep.

Happy Surfing, Happy Life, Happy Connecting!
Rhonda Pizor

Monday, May 26

Good Monday to you!

Pretty exciting week for the Lucky 13. We ended up the week in third place, but led for part of the week, and got a real taste of what the CTP Teams competition can and will mean. For me personally, it has been a real case of scoreboard watching. I check the team standings several times per day.

While we are sorta happy with our third place week, we are in the process of fine tuning our long term strategy with the idea of winning the yearly competition. Just like business, CTP Teams is a marathon event, not a sprint. Lucky 13 is committed to the long haul and winning the annual prize.

We had an exciting week here on this blog, too! We promise fresh content every single day, and this week we had 2 first time bloggers take a swing at it. The whole week came out really well, all the team members did a wonderful job. That’s pretty exciting stuff right there.

For those of us in the States, today is the Memorial Day holiday. A holiday set aside to remember our (fallen) service men and women. This weekend also marks the start of the outdoor season, traditionally with family and barbeque. Where ever you might be I hope your day and week are wonderful.

The Lucky 13 has now been in the Premier League for 3 consecutive weeks.

Team Player – Tony Calabrese

I am very lucky not only to be alive but to have been picked by my good friend Tom Wacker to be on his team. There are many great people on this team, real go getters.

I met Tom on a team and saw his potential as a writer and watched him grow into a great leader. We have to help him win so he can get his first tattoo , can you believe it a biker without a tattoo.

Let’s go Lucky 13!!

Join me at CTP!


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