Well my day to post has come! :)

My name is João (for some people is a strange name!), i’m from Lisbon (Portugal) and i’m 38 years. I live with my wife, a beutifull daughter of 7 years and tons of Lego sets! 🙂

I’m a programmer (ISeries – AS/400) since i was 20 and i love wht i do.

A few years ago joined some PTC sites just for kidding. I also joined my first 2 TE (EasyHits4U and TopSurfer).

Last year as i was surfing the web, i saw CTP and said to me: “Why don’t you try?”.
After a few months of beating with my head in the wall trying to establish my online business, i was ready to give up, but Steven Schofield said to me: “I’ll help you!”.

After several lessons and starting all over, finally i started to saw how the business works, but i also know that there’s much more to learn before i have the sucess i want.

Now with the appearence of CTP teams i saw how fun this could be. Yes i’m having lots of fun surfing! 🙂

Enough said.

Keep connected for more from Lucky13, the team that never sleeps, wich i’m very proud to be a member!

13 Is The Luckiest Number

Hiya and Happy Friday! I wish it were Friday the 13th, ‘cos then I could say Happy Friday the Lucky 13th. (It’s the 23rd though, that’s almost close enough, but it just doesn’t sound right, so…)


So I’m Lynn M, and I kinda like traffic exchanges. Actually, I must like ’em a LOT, because I’ve been hanging around in ’em since late 2007/early 2008. The first four traffic exchanges I joined were EasyHits4U (isn’t that one of everyone’s firsts?), Dragon Surf, Traffic Swarm, and some little outfit called StartXchange that was owned by this guy named Tim who looked like he was about twelve years old at the time.

Then I started joining more traffic exchanges, and attending various TE-related goings-on and gatherings, and eventually I became more and more involved and active around this little piece of the Interwebs we call TE Land. Then in 2009, I started writing about traffic exchanges, as well as other TE-related and online business-related such stuff, on my blog called… wait for it… Lynn M Dot Net.

My most recent project is Win 10 With Lynn, where I give away bunches of  traffic exchange credits and other free advertising daily and weekly (as well as a few cash prizes) via the TEs and Twitter, and also on the weekends at Traffic Break Trivia on Spreecast. Thanks to W10WL’s fantastic bunch of sponsor TEs, I was able to give away a record 98K in TE credits last month – woohoo!

I live in Tennessee about 90 miles from Nashville with my fiance, Brian, and our little zoo of three cats and four dogs. Brian and I got engaged on Christmas Day last year, and those who’ve been to Traffic Break Trivia are well acquainted with him since he co-hosts it with me. Brian also lately frequently appears on The Sports Nerds Show, which is hosted by my Lucky 13 teammates Scott Wright and Bob Pizor.

As for Kore4, well, it just ROCKS. For me personally, I dug ClickTrackProfit because it was built around a lot of the same principles and training I went through as a newbie (I wish it HAD been there already when I was new), but I dig the Kore4 concept even more because it is basically built around the same foundation, more or less, that I’ve been building an affiliate business on since 2007-2008.

Getting involved with CTP did an amazing thing for me in that it made me actually LIKE surfing again. Years ago, I never enjoyed surfing all that much, and actually grew to really disliking it and I’d just buy credits instead whenever possible. CTP made me start enjoying it again.

But now with Kore4 – and especially with the CTP Teams – I’m not only kinda enjoying surfing more again, but heck, I have surfed more in the past two weeks than I probably did collectively in the whole past SEVEN YEARS before CTP Teams existed!!!

For someone who has generally never liked surfing all that much, it’s hilariously funny to me that lately I seem to be surfing all I can, when I can. I didn’t start a team of my own when CTP Teams started ‘cos I knew it was going to involve a lot more surfing than I thought I’d like or get into.

Despite the fact I’m enjoying the surfing part much more than I initially thought I would, no regrets there about not having started one myself. I’m thrilled to be a part of the team I’m on, this team rocks!

And the other thing about CTP Teams is, for an old-schooler like me, it’s all very reminiscent of the old TE Teams (RIP!), where I once led a top-ranked and very successful team with Brenda Broyles alongside me (you might know her, maybe… ha!), and which required very little surfing on my part (LOL). Brenda and I have often mourned the loss of the old TE Teams, so it’s pretty cool to have a sort of new and improved version of it come along now with CTP Teams.

And the most exciting thing of all to me about NOW, and CTP Teams, is that the Lucky 13 team is a team full of proven action takers from long before CTP Teams existed, as well as more recent action takers – and taking action is exciting!

Lucky 13 is a very special and diverse group of folks, some of whom I have known and known well; some I’ve known of and am having a great time getting to know better; and a few others I’ve yet to meet but have seen around and am looking forward to getting to know. I am really proud and just super thrilled to be part of a team with such a great group of peeps. I got lucky with Lucky 13! (Ha!)

And I can guarantee you that at any given hour, there is at least one member, if not more, awake and planning and strategizing. When we say we’re “the team that never sleeps”, it’s really true!

Enough from moi – stay tuned for the next Lucky 13 team member coming up, and have a great weekend! 🙂


Just a sneak in post –

I just want to say how AWESOME Lucky 13 is!  At one point we were IN FIRST PLACE.. it was great.

For a little while those Crazy Cats People were giving us trouble – they got ahead of us a little bit, but GIRL power smacked them back down.  I skyped Nathan and yelled at him a little bit.

Then… omg… then… out of the BLUE those silly Surfaholics ZOOMED into first place!  What the heck?

I called them some names, of course, then Skyped Matt to tell him we call them some names.  Matt’s a cool guy. His reply?

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but internet words are just funny 🙂 ”

I like this game.

So… that’s all.  Just wanted everyone to know the drama!


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